Difference between Social Sciences and Humanities

Difference between Social Sciences and Humanities

In this article, we will discuss about the differences between social sciences and humanities. Social Sciences is a branch of science whose subject matter is society and the interrelationships between individuals as members of society.

Humanities are closely related to social sciences, in the sense that both sciences are related to humans and their culture. Humanities refers to a subject that tends to understand, acknowledge, and analyze human behavior in all its depth and scope.

Practically, as a human, no field of study is more significant than the social sciences. It helps individuals to understand society as a whole, namely the conditions that limit our growth and development and the opportunities that can be exploited for better livelihoods. It helps in creating a society where human beings can live freely and happily.

Social Sciences, as the name implies is a social science or it is said to be a science that studies the socio-cultural aspects of human affairs. That branch of knowledge is concerned with the study of society, its interpersonal relationships with individuals (members) and their functions.

In other words, social science is about people living together in groups, families and communities, i.e. how they live, how they interact, how they behave, what language they use for communication, what traditions they follow, what they wear, what their religious affiliation is, which ideology they promote, etc.

The study is based on the origins of organization and the development of human society in the context of the relationships between individuals in society. The aim is to understand all aspects of society as well as find solutions to problems faced by society.

Social science is based on interpretation and qualitative research methods. It covers subjects such as sociology, social psychology, political science, economics, geography, demography, history and anthropology.

Humanities is a field of study related to human society and culture that uses qualitative methods that are primarily analytical, critical or speculative. Humanities subject matter is thought, creation, development and human actions in the past and present.

This tends to determine the defects in mankind, as well as how to fix them. Basically the humanities try to make humans more human. And for that, it regulates the ideal behavior for someone to be called a cultured human being.

Humanities explain a person about his origins, neighbors, ancestors and also about himself. It introduces us to living things we’ve never seen, places we’ve never been, stories we’ve never heard of and ideas we’ve never thought of.

It is a multifaceted domain that includes anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics and languages, literature, philosophy, psychology, law and politics, Arts, etc. Research in the humanities adds to the existing knowledge base about the world. It shows the diversity of cultures and communities around the world and over time.

The difference between social sciences and humanities can be clearly drawn on the following points:

  1. Social Science is the systematic study of the social, cultural, psychological, political and economic factors that guide a person’s actions and decisions. On the other hand, Humanities implies areas of research belonging to human culture, especially literature, anthropology, history, art, music, and philosophy.

  2. Because the study of social science is based on reality, regardless of the time in which the study was conducted, namely whether the study was ancient or modern. Therefore, social science is objective. On the other hand, the Humanities are subjective in the sense that they are based on assumptions and philosophies.

  3. While the social sciences use a scientific approach to solving problems, the humanities use an analytical approach. So the emphasis of the humanities is more on feelings and emotions than the systems used.

  4. Social Sciences is associated with the basic elements of human culture that determine the general pattern of human behavior. On the other hand, Humanities focuses on specific elements of human culture, especially those that seek to express spiritual and aesthetic values ​​and to determine the meaning of life.

  5. In the social sciences, the concept of truth is independent of context, whereas in the humanities, the concept of truth is context-dependent.

  6. While the social sciences focus on the study of patterned behavior, the humanities place an emphasis on in-depth understanding of a particular case or event.

  7. The study of tradition, culture, and heritage is part of the social sciences. However, the humanities seek to find out the factual differences between humans and pure science.

Red Thread | To understand the scenario of today’s world, one must have a good understanding of social sciences. Whether you talk about law, or international relations, or economics, they are all just branches of social science. On the other hand, the humanities help individuals to understand the human experience better.