Differences in Features and Benefits

difference features and benefits

In this context, we will discuss the different features and benefits. A feature is nothing but the inherent nature of the product, whereas a benefit is something that the customer wants to receive/obtain from the product.

Whenever a customer is looking to purchase a product such as a laptop, refrigerator, car, air conditioner or cell phone, he or she has a number of final options. So making a choice is a bit difficult, but one can narrow down the choice based on features and benefits after deciding the amount one wants to spend.

Product features define product characteristics which can be technical, physical or descriptive. On the other hand, benefits give customers a reason to buy a product or service, i.e. in what sense the product is useful to them or what improvements it can make in their lives.

Feature Definition

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The features of a product are its characteristics in terms of appearance, components, properties and properties (shape, weight, size, smell, material, color) that add value to the end user, as well as ensure product differentiation which helps in increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

These are the actual, technical, physical or functional aspects of the product. It could be anything about the product or its design that matters. This determines:

  • What does it consist of?
  • What’s in it?
  • How is this packaged?
  • What’s new or different about it?
  • How does it work?

This is an attribute that is able to meet customer needs, and can be used as a product marketing strategy that emphasizes the usefulness of the product to the target audience.

Therefore, any statement that speaks of what a product is or has, including colors, components, and technical specifications. They are the physical characteristics of the product that add credibility and substance to your product.

Definition of Benefits

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Product benefits are a list of benefits that a product offers, which meet customer needs, expectations and wants. This is something the manufacturer promises that the customer will get by using the product. Therefore, it is necessary to give customers a reason to buy the product.

It can be in the form of cost, convenience, usability, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, status, value, quality, character, etc. Further, it should be noted that the benefits of the product are due to its features.

In more refined terms, benefits describe the end result received when a customer uses the product. It reflects the improvements made in the customer’s life or the solutions provided to the customer’s problems. Either it determines the usability of the product or the satisfaction obtained by the customer by using the product.

Benefit Type:

  • Actual benefits: Covers product performance, design and cost effectiveness.
  • Benefit Perception: This includes the popularity, image, or reputation of the product.

Difference Between Features and Benefits

  • This feature is basically a characteristic or specification of the company’s offering, which describes something that is offered or owned. On the other hand, benefits are nothing but the value or results offered by the company to the customers.
  • A feature describes “what” your product/has/don’t. Instead, the benefit is the “why” this product feature is significant and relevant to potential customers.
  • Product features are based on factual information, whereas product benefits tend to create an emotional connection with the target audience so that they can easily relate to the product.
  • Product features can state details, whether they are physical, technological or functional. In contrast, product benefits describe the enhancement, convenience, or value it can add to a customer’s life.
  • While the features lie in the product itself, or in other words, the features are owned by the product, but the benefits lie in the customer’s life in the form of solutions to various problems, ease of doing work, satisfaction, etc.


To better understand the difference between features and benefits in a better way let’s have a look at the below example:

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Red Thread | In short we can say that practically what is sold in the market are the benefits of the product and not its features, because the features are only talked about to explain the acceptable benefits. This is due to the fact that customers are more interested in the benefits, as opposed to the specifications, i.e. features.

The success of a product or service largely depends on how well the company describes and shares its features and benefits with customers.