Digital KTP Apk 2022

Digital KTP Apk

Digital KTP Apk – Recently, the Government through the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration has a program plan for making digital e-KTPs with QR codes via the digital KTP application.

The trial for this implementation has been running since a year ago.

The plan to use this digital e-KTP will be carried out in stages.

The trial implementation process for making digital e-KTPs has only been carried out in a few districts and cities throughout Indonesia.

For those of you who don’t know the information about digital ID cards, it would be nice to listen to the little information we explain.

This digital-based ID card application with a QR code is intended for people who already use smartphones.

With this QR code, when you need your identity data, all you have to do is move the QR code.

You do this by scanning the QR code, so Smartphone users no longer need a photocopy of their identity data.

Meanwhile, for those who have not used a cellphone, they will still use an e-KTP in a physical form as it is today.

For this reason, the Department of Population and Civil Registration will continue to provide services for making e-KTPs in physical form as usual for the community.

This digital ID card will be issued admin by Dukcapil and also the services of each cellphone used by people from various circles.

For this reason, the application of this digital e-KTP is mandatory for those who use smartphones.

For more information about KTP Digital apk. Please read the review below until it’s finished.

Digital KTP Apk

1. Get to know the e-KTP Digital Apk as an identity

Digital KTP Apk
Get to know the e-KTP Digital Apk as an Identity

The existence of this plan to use a digital e-KTP makes some people feel worried because suddenly an information appears that forbids photocopying their identity.

This is because it can cause damage to the chip contained in the e-KTP.

In order not to be curious about the information about the damage to the chip contained in this e-KTP, please refer to the information about the e-KTP that has been used as an identity.

Both about how to use the Chip or the benefits and uses of the digital e-KTP Apk for the community, among others.

A. Chip Users in e-KTP

The chip is a microprocessor-based smart card that has a method for securing data.

Where this is in the form of authentication between chips, also anti-cloning and can be encrypted data confidentiality with the digital signature of the e-KTP owner.

That way, the presence of the chip in the e-KTP can store the e-KTP owner’s personal data, signature, photo or 2 fingerprint data.

All these identities are stored in the chip when recording is made when making an e-KTP.

B. Physical e-KTP card

Physical e-KTP is a smart card in which there is a chip printed on the surface of the card.

This physical or e-KTP card is made of polyethylene which consists of 7 layers, so it can prevent various kinds of misuse of e-KTP.

So it requires security features that pay attention to several things, including having resistance to pressure.

Resistance to weather, both hot and cold, can also withstand certain chemicals.

C. Security Measures of e-KTP

A physical measurement tool for the use of the physical security card of the e-KTP in which there is a chip as a tool that contains data information about the identity of the owner of the e-KTP itself.

For this reason, this e-KTP uses a security measure with the biometric method.

The use of this technology can identify the sole identity of the e-KTP owner, namely the NIK or population identification number.

This identity is taken when the owner of the e-KTP makes a recording when making the e-KTP.

2. Benefits of Using the Digital e-KTP Apk for the Community

Digital KTP Apk
The Benefits of Using the Digital e-KTP Apk for the Community

The physical e-KTP which is now used by the community as their identity includes an e-KTP reader feature.

The use of this feature in the e-KTP can ensure that the e-KTP is correct and original.

This reader feature can also ensure that the e-KTP is held by the owner.

Not only that, the existence of a reader feature in this e-KTP also allows identity owners to use the e-KTP for various purposes.

Here are some of the benefits of using a digital e-KTP apk that you need to know, see the information.

A. As Self Identity

The first benefit of e-KTP is as an identity card that is useful for various purposes when traveling.

With this e-KTP, it can represent all the needs and identity information of the owner’s data.

B. Can Support Banking Process

One of the benefits of using an e-KTP is to support the process of various financial transactions in banks or other institutions.

Especially in terms of opening an account or providing credit facilities.

C. To Get Various Services

The benefits of this last e-KTP are for the purpose of obtaining various types of services, such as BPJS health services.

Also government assistance such as Raskin, BLT or subsidized assistance from other governments.

3. The purpose of the existence of various digital e-KTP Apks

Digital KTP Apk
The Purpose of the Digital E-KTP Apk for Various Digital

The plan for the existence of a digital e-KTP is none other than to facilitate and speed up transactions for various accesses to public services in digital form.

Not only that, but it can also be used to secure the identity data of the e-KTP owner.

The security of identity data from the owner of this digital e-KTP will be carried out using an authentication system.

By using this security system, the possibility of falsification of personal data can be avoided.

The presence of this apk digital e-KTP will not be printed in physical form like the e-KTP that is currently used.

However, this e-KTP will always be stored on each Smartphone user.

4. Features Available on the Apk Digital KTP

Digital KTP Apk
Features Included in the Apk Digital KTP

To make it easier for the public to use information regarding their digital identity, this application is equipped with a number of main menu uses.

So that people can use this digital-based ID card application to the fullest.

Using this apk digital ID card, HP users can use a number of menus available in it.

The main menu in this digital-based ID card application is as follows.

  • Family Data Menu.
  • Resident Documents.
  • Other documents from the results of e-KTP integration such as TIN, Vaccination, Vehicle Ownership, Employment Status and others.

5. Terms and Conditions of Use of Digital KTP Apk

Digital KTP Apk
Terms and Conditions of Use of KTP Digital Apk

In order to be able to use this digital ID card application, the public must first meet several requirements and conditions.

Some of these requirements will facilitate the use of the Apk Digital KTP, while some of these requirements are as follows.

  • Have a Smartphone.
  • Register the mobile number used in Dukcapil.
  • Internet Connection Network.
  • Area Support Internet Network.
  • Can Use Smartphones.

Then, what if it turns out that there are some people who cannot fulfill some of these requirements?

Moreover, there are still many areas that do not support the use of internet access networks properly.

6. Easy Ways to Make a Digital e-KTP Apk

Digital KTP Apk
Easy Ways to Make a Digital e-KTP Apk

To make this digital e-KTP, HP users must first download the digital ID card application on their Smartphone.

After the application is downloaded on the cellphone, users just need to follow the following steps.

  • Smartphone users download the digital-based ID card application on their Smartphone. Click here.
  • After that you can directly register.
  • You do this by entering the download ID number, email address and also the Smartphone number used.
  • After verifying the data using Face Recognition technology or user face recognition.
  • Continue to request verification via Email.
  • Then HP users can return to the KTP application page and directly login so they can access various personal identity data, such as e-KTP, Family Card, NPWP, and other needs.

The final word

Well, that’s brief information that we can share with you about digital applications for making ID cards.

With this application, you can be more comfortable traveling without fear of missing your Identity Card or KTP because there is already a digital e-KTP Apk.

For those of you who don’t have a cellphone, you can still make an ID card in physical form as it is currently being used.

That’s all our discussion in this article about KTP digital apk. Thank you and hopefully useful.