Douyin Apk Download 2022

Douyin Apk Download

Douyin Apk Download – Douyin is a video-based social media application that in appearance looks similar to TikTok, but can only be used by residents living in China, guys.

For its own features, Douyin has features that are not much different from the features of the TikTok application and vice versa.

Doutin itself allows each user to share their interesting videos on the application so that others can see it.

In every video post, every user can also interact in it, with other users.

In addition, users can live stream just like in the TikTok application and watch some FYP videos if you want to become a famous creator content later.

Although Douyin Apk is officially only available for users in China, thanks to technological sophistication, even those of you who live in Indonesia can use the application.

However, there are some consequences or obstacles that will be encountered when the application is used and these must be considered as well.

Well, here we will provide a full review of Douyin Apk Download, which can be learned before use.

Douyin Apk Download

1. Features of Douyin Apk Download

Douyin Apk Download
Features of Douyin Apk Download

In accordance with what we explained at the beginning of the discussion, Douyin Apk Download has several interesting features, including:

1. Video Sharing Features

Video sharing is the main feature of this Apk and it is very similar to the one in TikTok app.

With this feature, each user can share their videos for free, so that others can watch them.

For the maximum duration, it is quite long, so it is very suitable if you want to create interesting content and then share it through this Apk.

The videos that you share can later be responded to by other users with various types of interactions such as giving likes, comments or sticks.

2. FYP (For Your Page) feature

The term FYP must be very familiar if you have played or often played TikTok.

This feature is also in Douyin Apk guys and is usually located on the start page when you open the application.

Random videos from users who managed to get in to get the highest views, likes and comments will enter the FYP page.

Moreover, the system of the Apk is very smart to find out what your interests are based on interactions with previously provided content.

3. Live Streaming Features

Live streaming is the third excellent feature of the Douyin Apk and is a mainstay feature for its users.

Because with this feature, users can do live streaming and can be watched by followers or other people directly.

Live streaming also allows your videos to enter the FYP page and will certainly give you many advantages.

4. Video Editing Features

Just like TikTok, Douyin also has a video editing feature that allows users to add various filters, funny stickers and songs to the video to be edited, making it look more attractive and aesthetic.

The editing process is also very easy, because the editing process is quite simple, guys.

5. Stitch Features

Douyin also has a stitch feature that you can use to respond to other people’s videos by providing your own.

In other words, you can combine videos of people stitched together and then stitched together with your own videos.

So you can see the first account that made the video clearly and this feature will also make it easier for creators who want to respond to other people’s videos, without the need to download them first.

6. Video Download Feature

Douyin also has a video download feature, allowing users to download various interesting videos.

However, to download videos, you must first ask permission from the video owner or you can also copy the link and then paste it into the website or downloader application.

7. Save Video Feature

If you don’t want to download videos from this Apk, for fear of the storage memory being full, but still want to see the video at a later time, then the solution is to save the desired video.

Because Douyin provides features similar to those in the TikTok application for saving videos.
Obviously this feature is very useful, for users who have smartphones with low specifications.

2. Difference between Douyin Apk Download and TikTok

Douyin Apk Download
Difference between Douyin Apk Download and TikTok

Every application must have differences with other applications, although in appearance and features they have similarities, as well as Douyin Apk download and TikTok.

Here are some differences between Douyin and TikTok that you need to know:

1. Language Difference

The first and quite striking difference that can be seen from the two applications Douyin Apk and TikTok is the language difference.

On Tiktok, users can set the language usage of various languages ​​in the world.

By default, Tiktok will also follow the language on the server where the application is downloaded.

For example, if you download Tiktok using an Indonesian server, the default language will be Indonesian.

Of course this is different from Douyin, because when you download the application, the default language that will be used is Chinese.

It doesn’t matter if you access it from any server, because you will still get this language the first time you download it.

2. Different Content

Considering that Douyin is indeed an application that is only released for internet users in China, of course you will see a lot of differences here, especially in the content.

The content that will be found in this application is usually content created by local Chinese residents.

This is clearly different from Tiktok whose content is more universal even though it is generally dominated by local user content.

For example, when you use Tiktok Indonesia, of course, the content found is mostly from Indonesian users in FYP.

Obviously this difference in content will affect the use of the Douyin application, because if you are Indonesian and use this application, then the translation will not be obtained so that and will make it difficult for you to understand the content of the video that is being played.

3. Different Servers

Although Douyin and Tiktok are two similar applications, in reality they both use different servers.

This server difference certainly has many purposes, for example so that users in China are not too mixed up with other users outside their country.

That way, you won’t find Tiktok app in China and only Douyin apk is available there.

4. Majority of Users

Usually on Tiktok, you will see a column of comments that are grouped by user.

So in Indonesia you can see an FYP video where the top comments will be filled with Indonesian comments.

This is one of the smart technologies that Tiktok has, because it can group comments based on the user’s country, so they can comfortably communicate with each other in the same language.

However, if you use Douyin, then there will be a very clear difference here, because the users are mostly Chinese and it is very difficult to find other users.

Because again, basically Douyin is only released for the Chinese region, so it’s no wonder that almost 90% of the users are local Chinese.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Douyin Apk Download

Douyin Apk Download
Pros and Cons of Douyin Apk Download

Before using Douyin Apk Download, it’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages it has, including:

1. Advantages

  • Have Fresher Content. Because Douyin Apk is an application that is only released exclusively in China, of course you can enjoy fresher content than the one on Tiktok which has more random content. Then Douyin can be a good choice if you are tired of the content trends on Tiktok. You can find out about various kinds of information that are viral in China and at the same time add insight, when using the Douyin Apk.
  • More Diverse Filters. Filters in Douyin Apk are more diverse when compared to filters on Tiktok. These filters are made by creators in China and can be used by users for video editing purposes. So that the resulting video will look more unique because the filters are difficult to find in other applications.
  • Different Creator. In Douyin apk, you will find works from creators which are certainly different from applications that have been used so far such as Tiktok. This advantage is perfect for those of you who may be bored with the dramas on Tiktok.

2. Weaknesses

  • Language. The first drawback that Douyin Apk has is in terms of language. As explained earlier, if the default language used by Douyin is Chinese, this will certainly make it difficult for you, especially if you don’t have any Chinese skills at all.
  • Slow. Douyin Apk is arguably slower when compared to the Tiktok application and this has to do with the server used by this application. Because Douyin uses a local Chinese server which is certainly located quite far from Indonesia and will affect the latency you receive, so the application runs slower than usual.
  • Difficult to Communicate with Other Users. Once again, we emphasize here, if you don’t have good Chinese skills or abilities, then it is certain that it will be difficult when you want to communicate with other users on Douyin Apk. One of the communication that is often done is when you want to comment, send messages, and so on, of course the case will be different if you have mastered their language, namely Mandarin.

4. Douyin Apk Download and Install

Douyin Apk Download
Douyin Apk Download and Install

After knowing the features, advantages and disadvantages of Douyin Apk, surely you can decide whether to use the application or not.

If you are interested in the application, then you can directly follow the Douyin Apk download and install method below:

  • Please download the Apk via the following link (Download Douyin Apk).
  • After the download process is complete, just go to the Settings of your Android smartphone.
  • Then look for the Privacy and Security settings menu.
  • Next look for application installation settings.
  • Then find and enable the option “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  • If so, please exit the settings and install Douyin Apk.

The final word

Thus a full review of Douyin Apk that you need to know, because it can be taken into consideration before using it.

Douyin Apk can be used as another alternative, when you are getting bored using the TikTok application.

Before using the application, first make sure that you understand Mandarin, at least the basics, guys.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Douyin Apk Download 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.