Download Coloring Book From Adobe for Free [Adobe Coloring Book]

Free Adobe Coloring Book Download

Free Adobe Coloring Book Download | When the Coronavirus pandemic has locked down the world, it has made people creative by staying indoors in the most unconventional ways. Let’s see, on Youtube there are people making crazy things with Lego, some are fun playing games, and much more.

Adobe is no exception, Adobe recently designed a free digital coloring book that you can download. Adobe created this book by bringing together several talented illustrators. Coloring books are often considered therapeutic and associated with a steady focus, perhaps this is why the company created Adobe Coloring Book.

The graphics, animation, video, and web development software company has shared five initial drawings and claims that there are many more to be released. The company also promised to ensure weekly updates continue throughout the season.

The Introductory collection consists of designs created by artists Sofi Bastos, Lauren Hom, Kelli Laderer, Ann Chen and Steffi Lynn Tsai. You can know more about these artists on the official Adobe website.

Adobe Coloring Book is available as a downloadable document as a PDF, Photoshop PSD or JPEG file. You can import these into the coloring app of your choice or you can also print them out and fill the black and white sheets with crayons, colored pencils or even paints, as you like.

To be honest, the design isn’t great, nor does it follow any particular theme. However, since there’s a lot more to come, it would be too early to say the pictures aren’t exciting. You can check it on Adobe’s official website and download the coloring pages from there.