Download Whatsapp Mod iOS 2022

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS – The same application usually has a different appearance when installed on different devices, for example, it can be seen in the WhatsApp display on Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp on iOS is considered to have a nicer and elegant look, when compared to that on Android.

In fact, the appearance of WhatsApp on iOS cannot be found on other devices, so users choose WhatsApp iOS Mod as an alternative.

Because WhatsApp iOS Mod has a similar appearance and can be installed on Android devices.

There are lots of reasons that make people think that the appearance of WhatsApp iOS is much more attractive and makes it so attractive.

Well, here we will describe a full review and how to download Whatsapp Mod iOS that you need to know, before using it.

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS

1. The advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Mod iOS

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
The advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Mod iOS

Every application has advantages and disadvantages, as well as WhatsApp iOS and that is what distinguishes it from WhatsApp Android.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Mod iOS that you need to know before using, including:

1. User Interface (UI) using Explicit Mechanism

The User Interface (UI) of WhatsApp iOS uses an explicit mechanism so it is very easy to use.

The menus in WhatsApp iOS can also be searched easily, because they are already available and clearly visible at the bottom of the screen.

As for WhatsApp Android, the menu can only be seen after the user clicks on the three-dot icon at the top of the screen.

Some of these menus include Camera, Status, Chat and Call Log which are located at the bottom, making them easier to reach.

2. Chat Interface

Although at first glance, the difference between WhatsApp iOS and WhatsApp Android is very clear, but both have their own characteristics.

These characteristics can be seen from the shape and color of the chat bubble, the shape of the check mark, the font and others.

The location of the menu icon to access emoji is also different between the two applications, namely on WhatsApp Android, emoji can be accessed via a small button next to the text box.

While on WhatsApp iOS, users can click the + icon first, if they want to see and use emojis.

3. Dark Mode

The dark mode display on WhatsApp iOS is darker and black is the main color, while on WhatsApp Android it uses gray as its dark mode display and gray as the dominant color.

Of course, the gray and dark gray colors are considered unsatisfactory for Android users and are eagerly waiting for the presence of a dark mode like the one on WhatsApp iOS.

4. Notifications

WhatsApp Android may be superior, when compared to WhatsApp iOS when it comes to notifications.

Because the notification or notification is displayed in full, so users can see the contents of the incoming chat in whole or in part.

Unlike the case with WhatsApp iOS, the notification displayed is only a message sign and not the message content.

So the user must open the application first, if you want to read the message in full.

The same thing must also be done when replying to a chat, WhatsApp iOS users do not get the feature to reply to messages from the notification bar.

2. Whatsapp Mod iOS Features

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
Features of Whatsapp Mod iOS

Actually, WhatsApp Mod iOS is built from the official WhatsApp Android codebase, then modified by adding some newer features and looks.

The results of the modifications that have been made have made WhatsApp Mod iOS superior, when compared to WhatsApp Android or the original.

Apart from having an interesting selection of themes, WhatsApp Mod iOS also has various interesting and advanced features, just like other WA Mods.

Some of the WhatsApp Mod iOS features include:

  • Hide online status. Users can open the WhatsApp application without being noticed by others, even if the internet connection is active.
  • Complete privacy settings. There are various privacy settings available separately including for private and group chats.
  • Full font selection. There is a wide selection of fonts available, so users don’t need to install third-party applications.
  • Can see messages or statuses that have been deleted by the sender.
  • The blue tick and double tick can be toggled on and off.
  • Users can forward messages that previously could not be forwarded or forwarded to other recipients.
  • Can see other people’s WhatsApp status, without the status owner knowing.
  • Can watch WhatsApp status on different social media pages such as Instagram.
  • The appearance of WhatsApp can be changed as a whole, because there is a complete selection of themes available.
  • Messages can be sent directly, without having to save the recipient’s number first.
  • Can create a special list for contacts who can reach you via phone calls or video calls on WhatsApp. For numbers that are not in the list, the call will be rejected automatically.
  • The audio recording state when you want to record a voice message can be disabled.
  • Contact activity that is online, offline, changing profile photos and more.
  • The length of the video for the status can be made up to 5 minutes without being cut and separated.
  • Last online and last seen status can be hidden.
  • Privacy options for sending broadcast or broadcast messages can be added.
  • Videos with the same quality as HD can be shared, without having to be compressed first.
  • Proximity sensor can be adjusted.
  • Users can send 30 photos at once.
  • Users can access the clear cache feature easily and quickly in the application.
  • Images can be sent up to a size of up to 18 MB/ photo or image.
  • Because there is no compression process, the quality of the images sent will not be reduced.
  • The microphone button on the chat page can be disabled.
  • The font settings are very clear.

3. WhatsApp Mod iOS Beginning Guide

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
WhatsApp Mod iOS Beginning Guide

There are several steps or guidelines that must be done before deciding to download WhatsApp Mod iOS guys.

Because most smartphone users must have used the original WhatsApp as their main chat application.

For initial guidelines that must be done include:

1. WhatsApp Data Backup

WhatsApp data backup needs to be done, if you want to use WA Mod iOS, but have previously used WhatsApp original.

The purpose of doing a data backup is to secure the data in the account and can be done in the following ways:

  • Open the Settings menu in WhatsApp then select the Chats option and then click Chat Backup.
  • Then click the Backup button, to create a backup file in storage such as Internal storage. Can also use Google Drive, but it takes quite a long time.

2. Delete WhatsApp App

After the backup process is complete, the next step that must be carried out is to delete the WhatsApp application.

The application can be deleted by clicking and holding on the WhatsApp application icon then selecting Uninstall and clicking OK, when a confirmation pop up appears.

4. Specifications and How to Download Whatsapp Mod iOS

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
Specifications and How to Download Whatsapp Mod iOS

All modified applications and usually called Mods will certainly not be available on the Google Play Store, so they must be downloaded via a special link, guys.

There are lots of download links available on the internet, but not all of them are safe, so you have to be smart and careful in choosing.

In addition, the download process must be done manually, because the links and applications come from third parties.

Before starting the download process, it’s a good idea to know the specifications of the application as well, so you can prepare a compatible or suitable device.
For specifications and how to download WhatsApp Mod iOS as follows:

  • App name: GBWhatsapp iOS
  • App version: latest
  • File size: 27.5 MB
  • Developer: GB Whatsapp Team
  • Last update date: April 2022
  • The application can be downloaded via the following link (Download WhatsApp iOS Mod Apk)

5. How to Install Whatsapp Mod iOS

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
How to Install Whatsapp Mod iOS

When the application download process has been completed, the next step is to complete the installation process, guys.

The process of installing the Mod Apk is indeed longer when compared to installing applications on the PlayStore.

Meanwhile, how to install WhatsApp Mod iOS as follows:

  • For the first step, please open the Settings menu on your device.
  • Then select the menu Apps & Notifications> Advanced.
  • Then select Special app access then click the Install unknown apps option.
  • On the next page, you will be shown several applications that have this special access. Please click on the File Manager application and make sure that the toggle is active.
  • Then open the File Manager application and open the download folder or the storage area for the previously downloaded Apk file.
  • After that, click the WhatsApp Mod Apk file then click Install.
  • You will then be directed to a page to install the application and please click the Install button.
  • Wait a few moments, until the installation process is complete and then click Finish.
  • Done and WhatsApp Mod iOS is ready to use.

6. How to Use Whatsapp Mod iOS

Download Whatsapp Mod iOS
How to Use Whatsapp Mod iOS

If all the above processes have been completed and run successfully, then the application is ready to use, guys.

How to use WhatsApp Mod iOS is quite easy and can be seen in the following review:

  • Open the WhatsApp Mod iOS application.
  • Then click the Agree and Continue button on the main page, to agree to all the terms and conditions of the application.
  • After that, write down your cellphone number properly and correctly.
  • Wait a few moments, until an SMS is sent to your number, containing a verification code. Please enter the code in the column provided.
  • Then click Next when finished then click Allow every time there is a request for permission.
  • WhatsApp will then detect the presence of the backup file and please click Restore then press Next.
  • The recovery process will start immediately and wait for it to finish.
  • All the features in the WhatsApp Mod iOS application can be enjoyed, if the chat recovery process is complete.

The final word

Thus a full review of WhatsApp Mod iOS, which can be learned and can be used as a guide before use.

With WhatsApp Mod iOS, you can use WhatsApp like on an iPhone and the chat atmosphere will be much more exciting than usual.

However, we still recommend that the Mod application be used with caution, because third-party applications are very susceptible to being banned.