Easy Ways to Verify Pre-Employment Email

Are you looking for a way to verify your Pre-Employment email? If yes then you are at the right place. Today we will walk you through the process of how to verify your pre-employment email. This is very important to discuss because since the beginning of the release of this Pre-Employment, there have been many problems that often occur. One of them is the number of Pre-employment accounts that cannot verify email.

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So starting from the problem of verifying this pre-employment card email, we will try to help you. At the very least, we suggest from the start if you want to register for a Pre-Employment account, try only at night when the system is not busy. What’s the goal? Yes, to minimize problems such as not being able to verify this kind of Pre-employment email.

Now, as for our discussion of how to verify pre-employment email, we have provided below. You just have to read it to the end because it will be very easy. It’s just that, maybe you forgot to enter your ID card verification so that the pre-employment email verification is also delayed.

How to Verify a Pre-Employment Email Easily and Quickly

For those of you who want to register for a Pre-Employment account in the next batch, then you should learn how to verify your pre-employment card email according to our guide. The purpose of this email verification is to prove that you are really the person who registered with the pre-employment account.

How to verify Pre-employment email
How to verify Pre-employment email

If you have successfully verified the pre-employment email, the system has recorded your data. So, you have been recognized as one of the participants of the Pre-Employment Card. It’s not stupid anymore when you want to try pre-work. But keep in mind, this email verification process most participants do not know for sure. Therefore, we will discuss it here.

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An important note is to make sure the email you registered with this Pre-Employment is active so that you can access it to your registered email inbox. From there, the pre-employment email verification process is usually carried out.

How to Verify Pre-Employment Email

To verify pre-employment email. You can do things like the following.

  • You make sure that you are registered with Pre-employment.
  • Then on the account list menu, please fill in your email and password which must be made with more than 8 characters consisting of a combination of capital and lowercase letters and numbers. Then you check the option ‘I agree to the applicable privacy terms and conditions’.
  • You will get a verification email to the email address you registered with. Please check your email inbox. If not, try checking the Spam folder.
  • Please verify your pre-employment email from your inbox. Usually, you just need to click on the email verification or similar link.
  • When you click it, the pre-employment email verification process has been successful.
  • Then you can fill in other data, for example, want to verify your NIK, KTP and so on.

Only then will you understand how to verify your Pre-Employment card email. So it’s not as difficult as you might think. Yes, maybe because it’s still early, you don’t understand this kind of process.


We think that’s enough of our explanation on how to verify pre-employment email. Hopefully it’s useful, don’t forget to continue to support our site by commenting below if you have any confusion or share it with your fellow pre-employment participants.