Eventff2022 com, Can You Really Claim Free Prizes?

Eventff2022 com — The page https //eventff2022 com suddenly went uphill in search. This is because a lot of FF players think that the site can provide free gifts that can be claimed directly. But whether it is true or not, we will discuss in this article to the end.

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The ff 2022.com event claiming free prizes does promise free prizes which many players have been waiting for Free Fire. This is because many FF players are still not real sultans. So when there is a free prize claim event like this, of course, it will be very happy.

Therefore, so that everything is clear, let’s discuss and explore in more detail about the event together. Hopefully no one was harmed at all. Our goal is to provide insight to all FF players so they don’t make a mistake.

Eventff2022.com Hoax or Fake?

Of course before you go any further we warn you all that this site is not official from Garena. Therefore, you must be very careful. Why? The reason is simple because Garena itself, through their social media, doesn’t have any information about the event.

Eventff2020 com
Eventff2022 com

Of course, if there is a new event from Garena. Generally, the game developer will directly publish it through their own social media. So that all Free Fire players know that there will be an official event from Garena. Therefore, if this kind of event is not available on Garena’s official website, the validity of the page is highly questionable.

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Evidence at a glance that the insecurity from the ff 2022.com claim event site can be checked on SSL on the site on the left side of your screen bar which shows it is not safe. Even on the other hand, if you explore deeply that this site has nothing to do with Garena at all. So you don’t need to know how to claim prizes in this event. This is what we think the site is Hoax.

How to Claim Prizes From FF 2022.com Events

We strongly do not recommend that you try to claim prizes from this event. We are very afraid that your FF account will be stolen by irresponsible people. So do not continue your search.

Although the information that we have managed to collect is that it is enough for every FF player to just log in, then the prize can be obtained, but we do not recommend that you go to that page. Anyway, never try fake events outside Garena. This is very dangerous and unsafe.

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Therefore, wait for more detailed information from Garena regarding the truth of the event. Don’t get caught up in the trick of the eventff2022.com site that promises free prizes. But you can never get it.


That’s our discussion. Don’t forget to be a smart FF player. You may be called stupid but you must be able to think critically about all the information circulating on the Internet. Do not easily believe in free events that are not official from Garena.