Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani, Here’s His Biography

Surely all of you are currently curious about Fadel Ukasyah. Who is Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani? Of course, if you are a TikTok and Instagram user, you are already familiar with it. He is often referred to as Adel. She is a child celeb that has gone viral in recent days for her heart-melting captions on Instagram.

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If you are curious about Fadel Ukasyah’s Biography, then you can check this article until it’s finished. Even though he is still small, in fact many women want him to be a girlfriend when he grows up.

Let’s just peel it off in full and detailed information about this TikTok Fadel. Hopefully what we have to say below can provide detailed information to all of you TikTok enthusiasts on Android and iOS iPhone.

Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani Viral on TikTok and Instagram

What makes Adel viral, in our opinion, is normal. For example, because of his cute and handsome face. Then, the habit of being shy when recorded by cellphone. Then, added with the Instagram caption that melts the hearts of women. It’s normal in our opinion. What made it even more viral? Yes, it could be because of his 110k followers too.

Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani
Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani

The point is that TikTok can make ordinary people suddenly go viral. Just like Bowo at that time. At least not long after that it will recede. However, we must give appreciation to Fadel Ukasyah because it has gone viral in such a way.

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Do you need Fadek Ukasyah’s bio? If so, here we will briefly explain so that you know in detail, Mas Fadel, who has just entered junior high school. He is more famous for his TikTok Fadel searches. So just take a look.

Biography of Fadel Ukasyah TikTok

This is information from Fadel TikTok, hopefully it’s complete.

  • His full name is Fadel Ukasyah Dahwani.
  • Often called by the name Adel.
  • Born in Cirebon, 27 June 2008.
  • 12 years old.
  • Indonesian citizenship.
  • Account Instagram fadelll_uksyh

Yes, that’s all we know about Fadel. So maybe if you have other information. You can tell in our comments column.

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