Fill in the Bermuda Free Fire Plan Safe Just Like This

The following is the contents of the Bermuda plan safe Free Fire which had become a question mark some time ago. Finally, the curiosity of all Free Fire players has been revealed about this. Given the image of a bomb ready to explode on the front screen of the Bermuda Plan, it turns out that the content is not as scary as one might think.

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You need to know that the contents of the Bermuda FF Safe Plan are just a video which is the result of a collaboration between Free Fire Feat Money Heist. So in the past, the url of the Bermuda plan that we discussed was something that made many FF players curious. I’m afraid it’s a scam site that steals FF accounts.

It turned out that it was just a FF collaboration video with Money Heist. So you now don’t have to worry anymore about the contents of the safe box than the Bermuda Plan is just a YouTube video. So that your curiosity has now been answered.

Fill in the Bermuda Free Fire Plan Safe just like this

We were initially just curious about the events that this url offered. You only have to share as many links as possible to open the Bermuda plan vault. In the end, it turned out that there were also FF players who wanted to do it so that the points had reached 100% at 4pm on July 29, 2022.

Fill in the Bermuda Free Fire Plan Safe
Fill in the Bermuda Free Fire Plan Safe

So what are the contents of the Free Fire Safe? Well it turns out not so special. Not a character nor an attractive bundle or skin. But it’s just a video url for the Free Fire collaboration with Money Heist. Yes, maybe this is Money Heist’s effort to promote his channel or whoever it is, but the point is to get a lot of visitors.

However, there are many assumptions that the video will produce characters like Jota, Alok or Ragnarok like that time. Yes, it all depends on Garena itself. So for that we really hope that you will be patient from the next Garena news.

The Bermuda Free Fire Plan Safe is Open

With the opening of the Bermuda plan safe, then you will no longer be curious about its contents. The share link that you did has successfully opened the Bermuda plan safe which is suspected to be a FF account danger. It turns out that only the video url is the content.

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It’s nothing special, so we don’t think you need to bother sharing to make it open. We have already mentioned that earlier. So as FF players, we highly recommend that if there are third-party links outside of Garena’s, don’t be curious.


That’s the discussion about the contents of the Bermuda FF plan safe which went viral some time ago. Hopefully it will be detailed information for all of you FF players.