Filter Keke Not Instagram Doll, How To Get It

Many people are looking for keke filters not Instagram dolls. This is because Kekeyi, who is the creator and singer of the song Keke Not Doll, has managed to dominate trending youtube number 1 for several weeks. But for now, it has dropped to position 2 because Kekeyi has had problems due to his song which is similar to Rini Idol’s song.

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However, it turns out that there is someone who has made Keke’s Instagram filter not a doll. This filter is very fun to play because it brings up Kekeyi’s body and his face will be filled with the user’s face. Are you interested in getting a keke filter instead of a doll?

If yes then we will try to guide you in this very short explanation to help you in getting the ig Keke filter not a doll. If you are interested, please practice using it directly to create at least one Ig Story with the Keke Not Doll filter.

Filter Keke Not Instagram Doll, Let’s Try

You can get a keke filter not a doll on Instagram in just 2 easy ways. You can directly search for the name of the ig account that has created it. Or you can also use box Browse Effects in the camera section of your Instagram Story. You just choose one because both are very easy.

Filter Keke Not Instagram Doll
Filter Keke Not Instagram Doll

If you want to find an Ig account that has created a keke filter not a doll on ig. So our recommendation is for you to visit the Instagram account on behalf of Yudi Kurniawan. It is from this ig account that you can get a keke filter not a doll for free without being charged.

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Therefore, if you are curious about how to step by step to get a keke filter instead of this doll, then please check below. This is the easiest way that we think can be done apart from tracing effects directly in the story camera.

How to Make an Ig Story with a Keke Not a Doll Filter

In order to be able to get the Keke ig filter Not a doll, think this way.

  • Open the app Instagram you as usual.
  • Then use search to find the ig account that we mentioned.
  • Then open the profile.
  • Tap the smiley image from their profile.
  • You just choose a filter Keke Not a Dolla from the list of filters he created.
  • Tap to open this filter, then tap Try.
  • Don’t forget to save the effect.

With the method above, you have succeeded in getting the Keke Not Doll filter on ig. Of course this is very easy. You don’t need to be confused because this procedure will not eat up a lot of quota.

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So we think that’s enough information about the keke filter not the doll on Ig. If you want to try it, go ahead. Hopefully it can be used as best as possible. Even more so if you make it go viral like the original video.