Free Fire News Free Fire, Let’s Try it Free

Today there is a lot of talk about the freefirenews site which changed its name to Free Fire news. I don’t know who has translated it to be weird like this, I don’t know either. But what is clear, the site is currently visited by many FF players because they want to check the date, month, year and time of their FF account creation.

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Many claims that the freefirenews page can predict with certainty the date of creation of your Free Fire account. That’s why Free Fire players flocked to try to find out. The reason is that starting from this calculation, it will later become a benchmark when you want to sell your FF account. The older it is, the more expensive it is.

Come on, then, let’s try how to see the date the FF account was created on Hopefully it can be useful.

Free Fire News Free Fire, This Is What It Means

Originally, the name Free Fire News Free Fire came from a translation. Because the original name is Freefirenews. So if it is translated from English to Indonesian it becomes like that. Yes, Indonesians are not surprised anymore. Learning to translate is important because it should not be arbitrary.

Free Fire News Free Fire
Free Fire News Free Fire

If you are also interested in knowing the date of creation of your FF account on Freefirenews, then you can follow the tutorial explanation below. This only requires an event link, then you can check on the page.

The results from freefirenews are said to be accurate. But yes, we recommend that you still have to be careful than unwanted things happen. So from there you have to be very careful. Given that there are so many phishing sites that want to steal the Sultan’s FF account.

How to Use FF Free Fire News

To use News Free Fire FF, the method is more or less like this.

  • When you are in a FF account, please open an event.
  • When you want to click Visit. Turn off internet quota first.
  • Next, you can first copy the URL link.
  • Go to page freefirenewsand paste the URL in the space provided.
  • You just tap Get Info and the results will come out.

With the method above, you can already use the freefirenews page to check when your FF account was created. If you forget of course it will be very helpful.


FF’s free fire news page is very easy to use. However, be wary of using it. Don’t let your FF account be lost because of using this kind of thing.