, Can I Generate Free FF Diamonds? began to be discussed by many survivors because it was suspected that they could produce free Free Fire diamonds. But is it true? Come on, together with the Trick Area, we will thoroughly explore this free FF diamond generator site.

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Hopefully, when you’ve read our article about Free, you can understand the ins and outs of online generator sites that are always crowded on the internet. Free Fire. Though you need to know that Garena’s security system is now much stronger than it was some time ago.

So it would be very strange if a site with an address at could be used to inject diamonds and Free Fire coins for free. Remember, Garena will not allow anyone to undermine the security system of this Free Fire game., The Best Free Online FF Diamond Generator Site

From the looks of it, the Free page is not much different from other online generator sites that went viral a few months ago. Even the newest one we still had time to peel, namely Yes, we think the results will likely be the same.

What makes Free the best online generator site? In fact it’s not. It’s just a tagline that expects all visitors to go to the site to get Free FF diamonds.

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Whereas originally, the Free site is a scam site because even if you try again and again it will just keep on playing and keep you spinning until you get dizzy with human verification problems. So this is the character of a scam site that is ready to devour your FF account if you are careless.

How to Use Situs Site

If you want to try using Free, please try our explanation below.

  • Please open your browser and immediately access the page
  • Then, you can input username FF and select device that you use to play Free Fire with that account.
  • Here you have to choose Secure Connection for example from New York, San Francisco, London or Frankfurt. Continue tap Proceed.
  • Enter quantity coins and diamonds which you want to inject into your FF account. Tap Proceed to continue.
  • Wait for the diamond injection process into your FF account to finish.
  • Here you can tap Verify Now.
  • You must follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the verification.

Well, this is precisely where the point of awkwardness is when using this online diamond generator site. It’s as if you’re being spun around and not getting what you want.

Is the Free Site Safe?

Seeing from our explanation above, it’s better that you don’t need to use this FF Online diamond generator site. This is because this site is not official from Garena. So you better leave it.

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After all, you use it up to 10 times, the result is the same. You will not get the FF diamond you want. Instead you make the site get your FF account data.


That’s our explanation regarding the site. Hopefully useful and useful for all of you. Of course you should consider what we have to say here. Remember, instead of having your FF account stolen or banned, which one do you choose?!