Gantengfolls, Free Instagram Follower Enhancing Site

Handsomefolls began to be discussed warmly by many Instagram users since the end of last year. The site which is addressed at is strongly suspected of being able to be used to quickly add Instagram followers. However, it turns out that there are still many Instagram users who mistakenly call it handsomefollows or if not so handsomefools. However, you don’t need to worry because basically this is a normal thing to happen.

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Instagram is an application with the largest number of users in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that many Instagram users depend on the application to make money. But the problem is, the coffers of this money cannot be directly obtained from the Instagram account. You must at least have a lot of followers in order to earn.


Another problem is that getting the number of Instagram followers is also not as easy as turning the hand. You have to try to post photos and videos that are very interesting regularly so that you can bring in a lot of followers. But the thing is people’s mood, obviously this sometimes can’t be done. Finally, a shortcut was taken, for example by buying Instagram followers.

For people with money, buying Instagram is also not a big thought. But what about ordinary people who want to have a lot of followers on Instagram? So, therefore, please use the auto followers site which we will provide here later. You can use the site handsomefolls artificial Muhammad Fadhil.

Gantengfolls Site Features

You can use this Instagram auto followers site either from the website or with the Android application. It’s been made very easy by the maker. So you can try it easily and quickly.

So, if you want to know the features carried by the Gantengfools site, they are as follows.

Auto Like Instagram

You can use handsomefools to get the number of likes on your Instagram account quickly. Yes, so that your IG account looks crowded even though it’s actually quiet like a graveyard.

Instagram Auto Followers

You can also use this site to get a large number of Instagram followers in an instant. You can become an impromptu celebrity.

Instagram Auto Comments

In addition to auto likes and auto followers, this site can also be used to send auto comments on Instagram in large numbers.

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This can be tried as if many people were involved in your post.

Bulk Auto Unfollow

Handsome folls can also be used as a tool to unfollow Instagram accounts in large numbers.

AutoView Instagram

You can use handsomefolls as a tool to increase the number of video views that you have posted on Instagram.

Terms of Use Gantengfolls

You must follow the following conditions to be safe in using handsome folls.

  • Don’t unfollow other users who are using this kind of auto follower site.
  • IG account must be public.
  • All risks that will occur on the IG account are the responsibility of the account owner.
  • If you are not sure, please use a smurf account instead.

These are the terms and conditions for using the handsomefollows site.

How to use the Gantengfolls site

Please try using this handsome folls as follows.

  1. First login to your Instagram account.
  2. Access the official handsomefolls page.
  3. Please login with your Ig username and password.
  4. You just choose the tools offered by this site, for example auto followers.
  5. Then enter your IG account until a profile photo appears and tap submit.
  6. Determine the number of followers, likes or other services you use.
  7. Lastly, just wait.

That way, you have succeeded in using the handsome site.

Another Alternative for Instagram Auto Followers Sites

If you don’t have auto followers, please try,

  • Cold watermelon.
  • Indofolls.
  • followclout.
  • Claimfollowers.
  • Superfolls.
  • Etc

Please find which one is the most suitable for you. Also Read: How to Create Layouts on Instagram with Filters.


We think that the discussion about handsomefolls is enough. Please try if this site is safe for you. If not, don’t continue.