Global Mall Apk, Download Legit Money Making App

Global Mall Apk — Until now, there have been lots of viral money-making apps. Starting from GoIns, JD Union Apk, Vtube, S Earn Apk, Like Share Apk, Alimama and so on. Now, the money-making app, Global Mall, has reappeared.

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In general, this Global mall works the same way as other money-making applications, especially alimama and jd union. So here you are required to carry out a mission that is closely related to the marketplace. When you do it, you will be rewarded.

Now for those of you who are curious about the Global Mall application, please read this article to the end. We will guide you regarding what Global Mall is, Download Global Mall, How to Register for Global Mall, how to use Global Mall and how to withdraw money from Global Mall. So keep reading until the end.

What is Global Mall Apk?

Global Mall Apk is a money-making application where the way it works is by completing missions to place orders in several marketplaces such as Lazada, Tokopedia, and others. From each mission you do, you will get a reward later.

Global Mall APK
Global Mall APK.

This reward can later be collected into a Global Mall balance. When you have accumulated enough, then you can withdraw money from Global mall. Below we provide a tutorial on how to withdraw money from the Global Mall application.

Download Global Mall Easy

Before you can use the Global Mall application, you must first download and install this application on your cellphone. What you can do is click the global mall download link below.


Have you downloaded it? Or you have already registered for Global Mall from that page. If everything is done, then you can just use it later.

How to Register a Global Mall Account

To register for a Globall Mall account, simply visit the page. Then follow our instructions below.

  • In the column provided, please fill in:
    • Username.
    • Mobile phone number.
    • Passwords.
    • Confirm password.
    • Enter the referral code.
  • Next, you can choose Register.

With this, you have successfully registered for a Global Mall account.

How to Use Global Mall

It is recommended that you set My Bank Card and Recipient Address by tapping the Home button > Personal Information. Please fill in according to your personal data. Then you do the mission as follows.

  • Open Global Mall on your cellphone.
  • Tap the Home button.
  • Scroll down and find the section Hall’s Tasks.
  • Select it and you will see several marketplace listings. For example, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, and so on.
  • For information, if you are still level 1 then you can only choose Tokopedia.
  • Just tap Tokopedia.
  • Here you will be taken to the order page.
  • Just tap the button You reap what you sow the color is orange.
  • Here you just have to wait until the order is completed and when it is finished, just click the Confirm button.
  • Finally, an order will be created for your account.

Above is how to get money from Global Mall.

How to Withdraw Money from Global Mall to a Bank Account

If your Global Mall income is already a lot, then you can withdraw it to your bank account by:

  • Open the Global Mall app.
  • Tap the Me section in the lower right corner.
  • Tap the withdrawal button.
  • From here, please select the type of withdrawal such as static withdrawal, dynamic withdrawal, and capital can be withdrawn.
  • Choose static withdrawal.
  • You can start entering the withdrawal amount.
  • You have to enter the password and click on the Withdraw button Immediately.

That way, you have successfully withdrawn money from Global Mall Apk to your Bank Account.

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Is Global Mall a Scam?

Regardless of whether the Global Mall application is fraudulent or not, you have to be careful. This kind of moneygame needs to be watched out for because at the beginning it seems as if it was paid for but in the end it will definitely be closed by the owner. So prepare an umbrella before it rains.


We think our explanation is about global mall apk. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you.