Global Mall App Fraudulent Or Legal? Let’s Find Out

Global Mall Scam App — Recently, there have been a lot of viral money-making applications, one of which is Global Mall Apk. The Globall Mall application offers convenience in getting money from the internet but do you know there is a lot of speculation that the Global Mall application is not safe.

Therefore, in our following article, Trick Area will explain to you all regarding whether Global Mall apk is safe or not. What is clear is this information comes along with whether the goins app is safe or a scam as well. So this will be very interesting to peel.

Both Global Mall apk or alimama apk, JD Union apk, S earn apk and like share apk are in great demand by many people because they promise to make it easy to get money from an application. But what is unfortunate is that money-making apps like the Global Mall apk carry a disgusting ponzi scheme.

Is Global Mall a Scam?

There are many accusations that the Global Mall apk is a fraudulent apk. For example, the proof is that the application is not registered with the OJK. In addition, the Global Mall application is also not available on the Play Store, then there is another thing that is very sad, namely using a ponzi scheme.

Global Mall Scam App

This last thing makes the Global Mall application fall into the illegal or unsafe category. So many claims that the Global mall application is a scam.

So our advice, it’s better if you pay close attention if you want to follow this kind of money-making application. This is because it is also closely related to the money game. Which according to this Trick Area is really very dangerous.

Is the Global Mall App Legal?

Based on our information above, we dare to say that the Global mall application is illegal. What is the proof? For example, business letters of this kind have not yet been pocketed from the Indonesian government. If this already exists, it is possible that the Global Mall Apk is indeed legal.

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However, until now, we have not received any information that Global Mall has been officially registered in the list of legal entities. Therefore, the Trick Area only warns application users that if they are already continuing to use it, just leave immediately when it’s finished. No need to dive deeper than disappointed later.


That’s all we can say about the Global Mall Fraud Application. Hopefully this will be useful as your reference in the future if you want to join this kind of ponzi or moneygame scheme.