Google Camera APK 2022

Google Camera APK

Google Camera APK – Google Camera is the official camera app developed by Google for Android and can replace the default Android camera app.

In contrast to other camera applications that show more of their advantages, Google Camera has a fairly prominent drawback, namely the photo capture button.

The buttons take up quite a lot of space, which is about a fifth of the screen and almost covers most of the screen.

However, Google Camera also has an advantage, namely, it is equipped with various interesting features so that users can take round photos to see the scenery around you in 360 degrees.

Apart from that, you can also add an out-of-focus effect to SLR photos with a superficial (fake) depth of field or activate a panoramic, high-resolution image mode and all that is available from the side panel that can be easily expanded.

For more details, you can read this article to the end because we will share a full review of the Google Camera APK.

Google Camera APK

1. Google Camera APK Featured Features

Google Camera APK
Google Camera APK Featured Features

Google Camera is a pretty good camera app that doesn’t require a lot of filters or weird features to take good, aesthetic photos.

This Google Camera can also be the best alternative for you to do whatever you want, when taking photos where with the best results.

Well, here we will share some of the excellent features of the Google Camera APK that you need to know, including:

  • HDR+ with Control and White Balance. Take pictures using HDR+ to capture great photos, especially in low light or backlit scenes.
  • Best Photos. Choose the most beautiful seconds with Best Photos. The resulting images are quite good and everything looks perfect because it is backed up automatically.
  • Night Mode. The Night Mode displays all the grains and the colors won’t show up in the dark, so you can also take photos of the Milky Way.
  • Super Dissolution Zoom. Super Dissolution Zoom makes the image look clearer if you go in.
  • Movement Mode. Capture memories in motion. Take long photos and shoot professional-quality action.
  • Long Recording. Shoot casual, easy-to-use videos with just a long press on the camera.
  • necessity. The latest version of Google Camera will work on Pixel phones and running Android 12 and above only.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Camera APK

Google Camera APK
Pros and Cons of Google Camera APK

Every application must have advantages and disadvantages, as well as this Google Camera.

The advantages and disadvantages of Google Camera APK are as follows:

1. Advantages of Google Camera Apk

  • Has HDR+ shooting quality
  • Image results are flexible to save because there are many places
  • Easy-to-access and understand editing features

2. Disadvantages of Google Camera Apk

  • For Android OS phones, but not all phones can support it.
  • No Artificial Intelligence to help set the shot.
  • Rely on a Wi-Fi connection to back up photos.

3. How to Download and Install Google Camera APK

Google Camera APK
How to Download and Install Google Camera APK

Meanwhile, how to download and install the Google Camera Apk as follows:

  • Please download the application via the following link (Download Google Camera Apk).
  • Then open the Settings menu on the cellphone and activate Unknown Sources.
  • Then Install Google Camera Apk.
  • Open the application after the installation process is complete and grant application permissions if needed.
  • Done and the application is ready to use.

The final word

Thus a full review of the Google Camera Apk that you need to know, before using it.

This application can be run or installed on the latest Android smartphones or older versions.

However, it is recommended to use the latest version, so that it can be used smoothly and the resulting photos are also better.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Google Camera Apk 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.