How to Activate 5G Smartfren 2022

How to Activate 5G Smartfren
How to Activate 5G Smartfren – What is a 5G network? how to activate the 5G network on your smartphone or smartphone card?.

No need to worry, because Cara1001 will provide a tutorial on how to activate the 5G network on your smartfren card and cellphone easily and quickly.

Before going into the explanation, you need to know a little about 5G networks. The 5G network is a network that can optimize virtual reality “VR” and augmented reality ”AR” because it has a seamless network connection.

The speed increase provided by the 5G network far exceeds the network speed of 4G, which is good news, because you can use the internet network faster than before.

Now to activate the 5G network, you can listen to our explanation on how to activate 5G smartphones easily and quickly in the explanation below.

How to Activate 5G Smartfren

How to Activate 5G Smartfren Easy

How to Activate 5G Smartfren
How to Activate 5G Smartfren Easy

The 5G network is the newest network and has incredible speed, the signal strength of 5G far exceeds that of the 4G network. Therefore, smarfreen as the provider has upgraded its network from 4G to 5G. Now, for those of you who are still confused about how to activate the 5G smartphone easily, you can listen to the steps below.

a. Enter the Settings Menu or Settings

The first step on how to activate the 5G smartphone, you need to enter the settings menu or settings, here’s the tutorial.

  • First, to activate the network to 5G, enter the settings menu or settings.
  • In the settings menu or settings, please select “Dual and Cellular Cards”.
  • Then the user can find out the data connection and the default SIM that is on your network connection.
  • Then select the APN menu on your mobile screen.
  • APN (Access Point Name) has a function as a protocol that is connected to the internet connection.
  • Before activating the network to 5G, make sure you have the correct prime card configuration. You need to be careful when entering the configuration.
  • Misconfiguration can make the internet that is connected or connected to be slow, weak and even unusable.

b. Set New APN

The second step on how to activate the 5G smartphone is to set a new APN.

  • The next step, you enter the APN menu and select New APN.
  • Then a number of question fields will appear that must be filled in or completed.
  • Then you will fill in the question column containing information about yourself, especially your profile such as username, password, type of authentication and proxy.
  • Then fill in your name.
  • Then enter the password to be used. It is best if you use a simple and easy to remember password.

c. Server Configuration and APN Protocol

The next way to activate the 5G smartphone is by configuring the server and the APN protocol. Configuration is the process of setting or setting the parts contained in your mobile device.

Before filling in the configuration, you must first fill in the question fields, such as and 510 on MCC in the following steps.

  • The user must also fill in the MNC with the number 11. Several other devices, this option will be automatically filled.
  • Then you fill in the APN protocol and APN roaming protocol.
  • Then select IPv4/IPv6. IPv4/IPv6 which is a type of internet protocol that can be distinguished from the length of the address.
  • The use of IPv4 as the main internet can cause connection problems such as roaming and IPv6 which is used as the main internet.
  • After that, click done, then select the top right corner and then select OK.

d. Do a Speedtest

The next step on how to activate the 5G smartphone is that you don’t immediately change the network to 5G. It is recommended to do a speedtest to check the speed of your cellular and Wi-Fi internet network connection.

You can access this application via or via the following link.

e. Change Network to 5G

The last step to do how to activate the 5G smartphone is to return to the settings menu and then change the network to 5G. To find out the difference between 4G and 5G you can check the speed of the internet connection using speedtest.

The final word

this is our explanation this time about how to activate 5G Smarfreen easily and quickly that you can try.

Smartfreen has provided a 5G network to its customers, so to activate it, you can try the method above.

A 5G network connection is a network that has a network speed that far exceeds the 4G network

This is our discussion this time about the article how to activate 5G Smartfren. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.