How to Activate Picture in Picture on Google Meet Video Call

How to Activate Picture in picture on Google Meet

In this review, I will discuss how to activate Picture in Picture (PIP) during a video call on Google Meet. We must already know Google Meet is another meeting/video chat service from Google. Indeed, the features of Google Meet are not as complete as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. But for business video calls, Google Meet is superior to its competitors.

Google Meet is completely web browser based allowing it to be used by anyone within seconds as long as the browser is available. Because Google Meet works in the browser, of course there are some features that support limited meeting or video calling activities. But that’s the only way to keep it light and easy to use.

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How to Activate Picture in picture on Google Meet

By default Google Meet does not have a Picture in picture feature. It can blur the background nicely but there’s no way to move the video to a corner of the screen. To do that, you need an extension called MeetInOne.

Here’s how to enable Picture in Picture (PIP) during a video call on Google Meet. By installing MeetInOne, you can use Picture-in-Picture (PIP) for Google Meet calls (video calls). The MeetInOne extension is available for Chrome and Safari.

  1. Download and install MeetInOne in your browser.
  2. Join a Google Meet meeting.
  3. The Picture-in-picture (PIP) feature is enabled by default.
  4. Click the icon at the top left.
  5. The video will go into picture-in-picture mode.
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In addition to the Picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, MeetInOne also adds an incredible list of features to Google Meet. To enable it, click on the app icon and you will see a long list of switches that enable the feature.

The features that can be added are:

  • Dark Mode.
  • Automatic mute when joining a meeting.
  • Video automatically turns off when joining.
  • Skip the waiting screen.
  • Get the transparent bar at the bottom (where the controls appear).
  • Push-to-talk with spacebar which can mute/unmute microphone.
  • Auto reject and auto accept participants.
  • Open chat automatically.
  • Auto-enable text.
  • Meeting timers, and more.
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MeetInOne is also available for desktop apps and Chrome or Safari extensions have the option to open those apps. You can download its desktop app to test it on your Windows PC. The desktop app is not required if you already have this MeetInOne extension installed in both Chrome and Safari.

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Meet comes as an online tool that doesn’t depend on other Google services. It works in any modern browser and will work without a Google or Gmail account. During this year, when most chat apps have added features to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, Meet has only added Gmail integration. It doesn’t compete with Microsoft Teams and waiting to add more advanced features is pointless.