How to Add a Timer to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Hangout

How to Add a Timer to Zoom

In this article I will share how to add a timer or timer to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Hangout, Messenger Room, etc. This is made possible through third-party timer apps that you can share with others in video conferencing. This way, both parties can run the same timer which can have different applications as needed.

Timezap is a web based time measuring application. You can use the timer on its website or install a Chrome extension to have it anywhere in the browser. It works with web based video calling which includes Google Meet, Hangout, Skype (web), Zoom (web), Facebook Rooms, Jitsi Meet, Zoho Meet, etc. Anyone can create a timer and then share the timer link in the meeting so everyone can have the same timer running on their screen synced with everyone.

How to Add a Timer to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Hangout

To add a timer to your video conference or virtual meeting, simply visit the Timezap website from here. On the website, please register first using your email address. When you log in, it gives you a 2-column interface as shown in the screenshot below.

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These timers function on the same principle as video conferencing services. You can create a timer or join an existing one. One of the timer owners has control over the timer and it cannot be transferred to another person. To use the timer with a web-based video calling service, you have to install the extension first.

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After installing the extension, you can create a timer either from the website or from the extension menu. In both cases, it opens a pop-up window on the screen where you can set a timer. When you do, it gives you a link which you have to send in a meeting or someone else to share the timer. Others can join the timer without creating an account.

The organizer has a timer control where it can set timer limits, start/stop, and reset. Just below the time share link, the organizer can see all the attendees. It shows the screen name of the participant who has a timer running on their screen.

Red Thread | That’s how to add a timer to any web-based video calling service. This is a useful feature that is missing from any popular video calling service. As the pandemic pushes everyone to have virtual meetings, having a timer can come in handy for teachers, examiners, students, and basically anyone who needs one.