How to Anonymous Chat Telegram Easy

Do you want to know How to Anonymous Chat Telegram? If yes then you are at the right place. Today we will walk you through learning how to have anonymous conversations on Telegram. Of course this will really help you when conversing on Telegram.

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Why should you have anonymous conversations on the Telegram app? The answer is simple. So that privacy in using the Telegram application can be more awake. So indeed using social media applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp requires privacy.

More details on how to create anonymous / secret chats on Telegram are as follows. Please read and practice right away because this will be very easy to do.

How to Chat Anonymous Telegram Easy

You can use Telegram chat secrets to create anonymous Telegram chats. The name Anonymous comes from the word anonymous which means not recognized. Therefore, it seems that secret chat can be done.

How to Anonymous Chat Telegram
How to Anonymous Chat Telegram

But if it turns out that it’s not quite right then it’s a good idea to use the Telegram bot. The name of the telegram bot that can be used for this is With this bot, you can do Anonymous Talk Bot. It’s easy, we’ll explain below.

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Immediately, if so, please follow the instructions that we provide. You only have to install the Telegram application first then look for Anonymous Talk Bot only. From there you will follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Use Anonymous Talk Bot on Telegram

You have to follow according to our instructions.

  • Open your Instagram App.
  • From the search box in the upper right corner, please search for Anoymous Talk Bot.
  • Then tap Start.
  • Tap /join which is in the message.
  • If there is a reply just tap /private.
  • You wait for a reply from the bot to find an anonymous chat.

Then you just have to chat as usual on the Anonymous Talk Bot. So please try.

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That’s what we think about how to anonymous chat Telegram. Hope this explanation is useful for you. Don’t forget to try it because it’s very easy.