How to bid at Shopee 2022

How to bid on shopee

How to bid on Shopee – For those of you who often shop, you definitely understand the culture of bargaining, but this time haggling at shopee can now be done after shopee provides the offer feature in the shopee application.

Being the best e-commerce company in Indonesia, Shopee always offers quite a number of very interesting programs, one of which is a program that is well known to all shopee users, namely free shipping vouchers.

Of course, that’s not all, there are also many things that you find very profitable, including the product price bargaining feature on Shopee, that shopping at Shopee can be done in two ways, namely shopping through the Shopee application and shopping through the Sickest Weapon on FF. .

But you also have to know if this feature applies to application users only, so don’t try to bargain at shopee if you bid via PC then it won’t be negotiable.

Like when a user is shopping at Shopee, after successfully making a price quote, you are instructed to complete the payment, at this stage you can pay using or other payment methods such as bank transfers, minimarkets and others.

Here for more clarity and detail you can see further information.

Discussion on how to bid on Shopee, it will definitely work with the conditions

Even though you often shop at Shopee and see the bargaining feature, there are also some Shopee users who are still hesitant to use it.

So that you are confident and successful in making an offer, then pay attention to some of the things that we will convey.

The terms & conditions for bidding on product prices on Shopee, each of which has terms and conditions, regarding these matters are as follows:

  • First, make sure the product you are looking for has a bargaining feature after you click the chat menu.
  • Valid for all stores, be it regular sellers, Official Stores and also Star Sellers.
  • It’s only available in the Shopee app.

One of the things that buyers like is bargaining, namely by means of two features, which are features that are only available in the Shopee application, so you should never order via PC.

Regarding the method, please refer to the process of how to bid at Shopee below.

How to bid on Shopee

1. Open the Shopee App

How to bid on shopee
Open Shopee App

The first step on how to bid on Shopee, please open the Shopee application, by using the application not only access the bargaining feature.

Users can also enjoy very interesting programs that you can’t get when you order on the official website.

2. Find Products As You Want

3. On the Product Page Click the Chat Menu

  • How to bid on shopee
    On the Product Page Click the Chat Menu
  • The next way to bid on Shopee is to click on the Chat menu to continue offering product prices.

    By going through the chat menu, you can not only bid on prices, you can ask questions about the products you want to buy and others.

4. Click the Bid Menu

  • How to bid on shopee
    Click the Bid Menu
  • Then you just click bargain, keep in mind if the product price bid feature is only available in the application, if you use it on a PC, of ​​course you won’t be able to bid.

5. Determine Your Nominal Bargaining Price

  • How to bid on shopee
    Determine Your Nominal Bargain Price
  • Then proceed to start bargaining the price, please specify the nominal and after that just click Save.

    In this step of how to bid on Shopee, you have to determine the color, size and so on to make sure which product you will buy.

6. Add to My Cart

  • How to bid on shopee
    Add to My Cart
  • If the seller accepts the offer that you have submitted, then just click into my cart.

    At the time of the offer you also have to check the application often to find out if the application was responded to/received from the store or not.

The final word

That’s information about how to bid on shopee so you can shop cheaply and can be learned with friendsbro easy.

In order for the bidding process to be carried out properly and do each step correctly.

That’s the discussion of this article about how to bid on shopee 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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