How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee 2022

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee – On the Shopee home page, there is always a folder that says “Cashback & Voucher” that buyers can take advantage of.

However, the number of free shipping vouchers that Shopee gives to buyers is subject to change every month and their use is also limited.

For those of you who shop only 1-3 times a month, you may not need too many free shipping vouchers.

However, for those of you who plan to spend more in a month, for example, wholesale online shopping for business or because there are more needs that you want to buy, of course you hope to get lots of free shipping without stopping.

If the number of transactions exceeds the free shipping voucher, it means that you will be charged normal shipping costs, without any subsidies or further reductions.

The fees are as they are listed on the expedition so you don’t incur additional costs, imagine if you live in Sumatra, NTB, Bali and other areas, you incur a lot of postage costs, so you don’t shop because the shipping costs are too expensive.

However, at this time, even though you have used all of the vouchers that Shopee usually gives you in the “Cashback & Voucher” folder, it turns out that there are still three other ways to get additional free shipping vouchers.

Here are the steps on how to buy a free shipping voucher at Shopee that you can consider so you can still get additional subsidies or free shipping at Shopee.

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee

1. How to Claim a Special Shop Voucher for Free Shipping Xtra

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee
How to Claim a Special Shop Voucher Free Shipping Xtra

On the Shopee home page, but apart from a free shipping voucher in a folder that says “Cashback & Voucher” there is also another folder that says “Free Shipping Xtra, and click on the text and please claim your free shipping voucher.

What’s the difference between the usual free shipping vouchers and the Xtra free shipping vouchers. I’m sure the regular free shipping vouchers are generally valid for all shops, but the Xtra free shipping vouchers are only valid for certain shops, for example those marked with Xtra.

So, if you want to buy children’s clothing products, for example, to get additional free shipping, then find a children’s clothing store that says Free Ongkir Xtra.

It’s usually under the product you clicked on, or you can use the existing search feature.

2. How to Check Shopee Loyalty Rewards and Claims

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee
Check Shopee Loyalty Rewards and Claims

On your Shopee account page it says Shopee Loyalty.

Click and watch or check if there are bonuses and special voucher promos that you may often miss.

Maybe it’s because the page for claiming a regular free shipping voucher with a Shopee Loyalty free shipping voucher is different, it’s very possible that many people don’t really realize it.

Besides that, this Shopee Loyalty voucher reward is indeed a new feature that is not well known to all buyers, especially the newest Shopee entrants in online shopping.

For example, I myself, even though I have been actively transacting at Shopee for 4 years, often forget and are used to checking regular free shipping vouchers, I always forget about this Shopee Loyalty reward free shipping voucher.

So far, you have always focused on claiming the cashback and voucher folders available on the Shopee homepage, indeed this is a common way to get Shopee free shipping vouchers.

Recently, Shopee has also separately launched a new feature called Shopee Loyalty which is a kind of reward for your loyalty to shop at Shopee, the rewards received are usually in the form of free shipping vouchers and cashback vouchers.

The amount depends on your Shopee Loyalty level whether Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

For example, on your Shopee Loyalty page, you will get a Gold member and be given a bonus of 2 cashback vouchers and 1 free shipping voucher.

3. How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee

How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee
How to Buy Free Shipping Vouchers at Shopee
This voucher is the newest Shopee feature that was released in the last 2 months.
If the previous voucher can be claimed for free, you must also buy this saving voucher.

For those of you who are still confused about how to buy a Shopee voucher, you can follow the method below as follows.

Here’s how to buy a free shipping voucher on Shopee:

  • First, click on the digital product on the main page of the Shopee application.
  • Then, click Vouchers.
  • And select the desired brand and voucher.
  • Then click Checkout.
  • Then select a payment method and click Pay Now.

Currently, there are many promos for 6 vouchers that save free shipping for Rp. 10,000.

Even though you pay IDR 10,000 for 6 vouchers, if you multiply it by the subsidized total and free shipping you will actually get lucky, the average number of Shopee free shipping discount promos is IDR 20,000.

If you multiply 6 vouchers, the amount of free shipping you get is around Rp.120,000.

You want to buy 6 vouchers at a price of Rp. 10,000, so you are still lucky for another Rp. 110,000.

In addition to the above methods, sometimes Shopee also issues extra free shipping vouchers

For example, a voucher that applies specifically to shops marked with Shopee24 or other Shopee Malls.

As mentioned earlier, Shopee also has the right to change the free shipping voucher promo.

If you want to collect free shipping vouchers, this time I suggest you to check your Shopee account frequently to find out the latest promo information and lists.

As a consumer, the goal of hunting for free shipping vouchers is of course to be able to save money or fill your wallet.

The final word

Now you can buy Shopee vouchers with that you can also shop for necessities or children’s clothes with free shipping.

Because some of the ways above we have listed above very easily so that you can shop without spending money to pay for postage.

Please you can follow the method above so that you can easily buy the desired item.

That’s our discussion in this article about how to buy free shipping vouchers on Shopee 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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