How to Cash out Shopee Paylater 2022

How to Cash out Shopee Paylater

How to Cashout Shopee Paylater – There are many Shopee users who often ask whether Shopee Paylater can be withdrawn? Of course it can be melted very easily.

If so, how do I make a disbursement to a bank account? The method is very easy to do.

However, you will need two iOS or Android devices to do this.

If you look at the Shopee system, it will not be able to be disbursed, because it is an online money loan feature, not a virtual money loan feature like the Shopeepay feature.

Discussion on how to cash out Shopee Paylater

There is a way if you really want to cash out the Paylater limit, it’s just that this method is a bit complicated, namely by looking for products or goods that are currently being sought by many people.

At least you also have to have two verified accounts if you really want to do it, then first the buyer has activated Shopee Paylater and the second is a verified seller.

In this case, there is a very simple scheme when you want to cash out Shopee Paylater, like the buyer’s account ordering a product at the shop/seller.

Then the order is complete, the balance will automatically go to the seller and after that make a withdrawal to the account.

It’s just that this method can’t be done repeatedly so that Shopee doesn’t suspect it, then it will be considered a violation, so that your account is not bandited.

Well, for those who are very curious about how to cash out Shopee Paylater into a bank account, just see below.

How to Cash out Shopee Paylater

1. Tips on how to cash out Shopee Paylater

How to Cash out Shopee Paylater
Tips on how to cash out Shopee Paylater
Before you are sure you want to withdraw Shopee Paylater balance by searching like this, it would be nice if you carefully read the tips on how to withdraw Shopee Paylater below:

  • The first step is to make sure that the buyer and seller accounts are verified
  • Then the previous buyer’s account has activated Shopee Paylater
  • And the seller’s account has more than one selling product
  • Then you must have two HP devices
  • After that don’t do this method too fast or maybe just one time

2. How to Cash Out Shopee Paylater Easily

How to Cash out Shopee Paylater
How to Cash out Shopee Paylater

Well, did you know that the paylater balance limit can be disbursed to a bank account or atm, then proceed to the most important discussion, namely how to cash out Shopee Paylater.

For more details and details, please refer to the review on how to cash out Shopee Paylater easily:

1. Place an Order in the Buyer’s Account

First, make a product order at the store and then add the item to the basket that was prepared earlier, to make it easier to find the store, you can use the shop link.

When proceeding to the payment process, make sure that you choose Shopee Paylater and specify the duration of the installment period.

After that, you follow the payment procedure using the Shopee paylater feature starting from payment confirmation and also entering a PIN to complete the transaction.

If you have finished paying, continue to chat to the store to request that it be processed and sent immediately

2. Open a Seller Account on Another Device

Then you continue to login to the seller’s account, if you have successfully logged in, just reply to the chat like sellers and buyers in general who buy goods.

This is so that Shopee does not suspect this activity, because the security from Shopee is very tight, otherwise your account will be banded.

If your packing process has been successful and sent, you can also confirm via the chat feature.

So, here it is as if you are a natural order, not made up for your own benefit.

3. Track Orders Through the Application

When the package is being sent, you also have to check the order via the direct application to make sure it was sent.

It also aims to let you know where the package has arrived.

But never click, the order has arrived, even though it hasn’t arrived yet, Shopee will suspect it, so you need to pay close attention to the super strict Shopee system.

4. Accept Order

If the goods have arrived at your house, then immediately confirm by clicking the order has been received.

Then proceed with giving a review to the store so that the shope won’t be suspicious

In giving a simple review, such as “Good stuff or by sending photos, fast response seller, recommended” or you can also give stars.

5. Withdraw Balance To Account

The last step is simply logging into the seller’s account for how to cash out the Shopee paylater to the account and here it is also necessary to pay attention to the account with a verified bank account.

And also the account name must be different from the buyer, because the Shopee system can detect, for that, why do you have to use two different accounts.

Don’t forget to make the fake process look like the original so that the transaction you do is not suspected, for example, if you want to do it again, you have to use a different account too.

The final word

Those are some ways that can be learned and can be applied to cash out Shopee Paylater faster.

That way, you can cash out Shopee Paylater faster and it’s easier to get money

Well, that’s the information we can share about Shopee, so you can try it in several ways.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to cash out Shopee paylater 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.