How to Change Fortnite Skins During a Match

How to Change Fortnite Skins During a Match

How to Change Fortnite Skins During a Match.| Fortnite has arguably some of the best skins and cosmetics of any battle royale game currently available. Over time, you can accumulate a large selection of epic skins and you may want to show them off.

Prior to the latest update, players could only change skins after completing a match. Hence, if you want to change the skin after every match, you have to go to the item locker from the lobby. Doing this often just takes too much time and Epic Games seems to have come up with a neat solution.

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With the latest Fortnite 12.60 update, players can now change their skins and during matches. This new feature is very useful for those who want to show off their cool skins in the game.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to change Fortnite skins during a match. The steps are not very complicated so you can change your skin during the match in no time. Before following the steps, make sure to update Fortnite to the latest version.

How to Change Fortnite Skins During a Match

As I mentioned earlier, changing skins during matches thanks to the new update is quite easy. However, there is a slight change as you cannot actually change the skin while it is still alive. You will get the option to change your skin after you die and start watching enemies kill you.

How to Change Fortnite Skins During Match-1

While on the watch screen, you will see new options added. This option will be labeled as Shop & Locker. So to change your skin during the game, you have to go to Shop & Locker. This will open the shop tab that you are already familiar with. Then simply switch to the locker tab to see all your skins and cosmetics in Fortnite. From there, you know the drill, select the skins and cosmetics that you want to use in the next game. Then, continue watching if you wish or head back to the lobby. You can now jump into a new game and you will have the skin of your choosing.

Having the option to change skins while you are still alive would be a great addition to tricking enemy players. However, we are excited that Epic Games released this new feature. Switching your Fortnite skin during a match is a bit more convenient now thanks to a new feature. New skins and cosmetics will definitely appear for players to add to their collection.

I hope this guide helped you figure out how to change Fortnite skins during a match. The new addition to changing skins during the game may not be a major feature. However, it is a welcome addition to players and saves players time. Make sure to update your game to see the feature.