How to Change LinkAja Number, Here’s a Detailed Explanation

How to Change LinkAja Number — This time the Trick Area will explain to you all about how to change your LinkAja number. This is very important to discuss because in the application LinkAja there is no option to change LinkAja number. Therefore, read on here so that you understand it.

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LinkAja is an eWallet which from time to time continues to increase in popularity. This is proven by the trust in LinkAja as a Pre-Employment eWallet which is actually a program from the Indonesian government. On the other hand, LinkAja is also the only payment method for KAI Access. So indeed LinkAja has been trusted by many Indonesians.

But what happens, for example, if the cellphone number registered on LinkAja turns out to be inactive or dead? Yes, of course, you must immediately change the LinkAja number. Here’s what you can do to change your LinkAja number.

How to Change LinkAja Number? This is the answer

Basically, if you want to change your LinkAja number, it can’t be done directly from within the application or your account. Then how? Yes indeed you have to need a little effort to be able to change your number.

How to Change LinkAja Number
How to Change LinkAja Number

What efforts can be made to change the LinkAja number? It turns out that how to change your LinkAja number can only be done by coming to GraPari and/or you registering a new LinkAja account.

Why is that? The problem is that there was no option to change the LinkAja number in the application. We have also directly asked CS LinkAja at [email protected]. And the answer really has to come to the nearest GraPari.

Conclusion How to Change LinkAja Number

If we conclude, it turns out that there are two easy ways to change the LinkAja number, namely.

  • Come to GraPari with the applicable requirements and bring your ID card.
  • You can just create an account.

That’s roughly the explanation related to how to change the LinkAja number.

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That’s about the explanation we can give about how to change the LinkAja number. Hopefully what we explain above is useful for all of you.