How to Change Video Quality on Google Meet

how to change google meet video quality

How to change video quality in Google Meet is a tutorial that I will discuss in this article. Google Meet is Google’s real-time video meeting platform that works on PC, mobile, and the web. The difference between Google Meet and Hangout is that Google Meet is only dedicated to meetings/meetings whereas Hangout offers one-to-one and group calls.

Nowadays, there is very fierce competition in video calling. New services emerge day by day trying to attract audience whereas the known names in this sector are trying to keep their user base satisfied with their services.

While Google Meet doesn’t offer the same features as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it’s a great tool for video meetings, better than most competing in this sector.

One such feature is the ability to change the video quality in a meeting. As you may have noticed, most of the video calling apps or services do not offer an option to change the video quality or resolution. But, with Google Meet, you have the freedom to switch the video quality accordingly to get smoother video quality.

How to Change Video Quality on Google Meet

Changing the video quality is quite easy on Google Meet. You can do this before starting the video meeting or during the meeting. When you go to Google Meet and create or join a meeting room, it shows you a preview of your webcam and audio before joining. If it’s your first time using Googe Meet, you have to give Google Meet permission to access your webcam and microphone.

This intermediate step displays a preview of your video feed along with the option to join the meeting. Preview is here to test the input device and verify everything to make sure it is working properly. In the preview, there is a gear icon which leads to Settings where you can change the video quality.

how to change google meet-1 video quality

When you open the settings, a pop-up will appear on the screen with two tabs: Audio and Videos. Open tab Videos where you get camera and resolution options. From here, you can switch camera input and change the resolution of the video you send (webcam) and the video you receive. The resolution for each option depends on your webcam and other participants. From here, you can set the resolution as per your requirement and hence you can change the video quality in Google Meet.

how to change google meet-2 video quality

That’s how to change the video quality in Google Meet. This feature allows the user to set the appropriate video resolution to get a better overall experience. For example, if you have a high speed internet connection, you can use a high resolution to view better video quality. And, if the bandwidth is low, you can switch to a low resolution to minimize latency and keep the communication clear.