How to Chat on LINE 2022

How to Chat on Line

How to Chat on Line – If you are a Line application user, you can chat using Line on a PC or computer, in fact Line is a fairly complete chat application.

Not only provides applications for smartphones, but Line itself also provides applications for PCs and computers.

Where to make it easier to chat using Line on a PC, you can even register email via the Line application on a cellphone.

What’s more, you can use this application via any device, where the Line application can enter using email without having to download it first on a PC.

The reason is that Line itself is designed to make it easier for its users to chat, even more so if you use a PC or computer, you don’t need to install an application.

If you want to use it to chat, but as a person, you don’t understand how to chat on Line on a PC or computer, so see the following reviews.

How to Chat on Line

1. How to Chat on Line on HP

How to Chat on Line
How to Chat on Line on HP

Here’s how to chat on LINE on HP:

  • The first thing you have to do is press the More option then you select Settings or Settings, after that you press Account and Email Registration.
  • Then you enter your email address and password (not using the email password, but using the Line password) then you press Register or Register.
  • If you are finished, please enter the verification code that has been sent to the email address or press the link that has been sent to the email.
  • If everything is done, then you press OK when the verification is complete.

2. How to Chat on Line Via PC

How to Chat on Line
How to Chat on Line Via PC

Here’s how to chat on Line via PC:

  • The first thing you have to do is install the PC version of the Line Messenger application, you can also download it on the official Line page or please visit via the following link (
  • If it has been installed, please operate the Line Messenger application on a PC.
  • Where there are two ways to be able to start a chat using Line on a PC, namely you login using your username or email while the second way you use a QR Code.
  • What if you use a username, you just need to enter your username or Line email while to login using this QR code, it’s better to see the following:
  • First on the Line PC application, please select the “Login QR code” option then you wait until you see the QR code image appear.
  • After that, you open the Line application on your cellphone then login and Swipe the “Add Friends” menu.
  • Then you tap the QR codeo icon at the bottom, then the cellphone screen will change to camera mode.
  • Next you highlight the QR Code on the PC by using the cellphone.
  • What if it is successfully done, so the “Login” button will appear and then you tap the button.
  • Then you are ready to chat using Line on a PC.
  • The advantage of using this chat application is that you can operate it on a PC, you don’t even need to be confused about switching between a PC keyboard and a Smartphone keyboard.

The final word

Thus the explanation that we have conveyed to you, where you can find out how to chat via PC.

What’s more, some people only know that the Line application is only used on smartphones, not on PCs.

Therefore, from the information we provide, you already know how to chat using this PC without having to type back and forth either on a PC keyboard or a mobile keyboard.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to chat on line. That’s all and good luck.

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