How to Cheat Warcraft 2022

How to Cheat Warcraft

How to Cheat Warcraft – Game Cheat Warcraft used to be famous along with the game Ice Frog and Blizzard has changed with a new name, namely Warcraft III: reforged.

There used to be 1 mega-name, namely Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its Frozen Throne expansion.

This game is new, but still with the atmosphere that has existed from the past, only changed in terms of the atmosphere in the game.

This game was released in 2022, which is where the graphics of a game are getting higher, unlike the graphics of the early 2000s.

Discussion on How to Cheat Warcraft

The Warcraft game is a game that is already familiar and has become a legend in the gaming world.

Cheats are codes that can help you in the game to win the game.

By playing the RTS (Real Time Strategies) genre, it really takes quite a long time, which is where you really have to compile and prepare all the needs of your entire army.

Before attacking the opponent’s territory that you will control, it’s not just the number you need, of course you need how strategy and tactics are the most important thing in playing this RTS game.

A player of this game often feels annoyed and can be frustrated if he loses in this game.

Therefore, the game Warcraft III: Reforged is set with a cheat system, playing this game cannot be used in all modes, only offline mode, especially for Campaign mode or single, not in groups.

How to Cheat the Latest Warcraft

How to Cheat the Latest Warcraft
How to Cheat the Latest Warcraft

1. Uses of Cheats in Warcraft III: Reforged There are many uses of cheats in this game, with cheats already available from the games Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

With its features only intended for fun, including to help developers.

Of course all of that has limitations, because you can’t access all modes with this cheat.

2. How to Enable Cheats

As for the way you need to know how to activate the cheat, you simply press Enter on the keyboard, type the cheat you want according to your needs.

For example: Type enter – pointbreak – Type enter.

You will directly activate the cheat with a notification, Cheat Enabled.

How to Cheat Warcraft III: Reforged

whosyourdaddy – make your troop unit invisible and have a 1 Hit death skill.
pointbreak – Removed the limit on the amount of food.
motherland [Race] [Level ##] – Pass level instantly, except Motherland Human 03.
tethleveltaurenchieftain – play ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’.
greedisgood – gives 500 Gold / 500 Wood.
keysersoze # – give [#] Julmah Gold instantly.
leafittome # – Give [#] Total Wood instantly.
whoisjohngalt – Enable reserch.
warpten – Speed ​​up development time.
iocainepowder – The target being attacked becomes weak.
iseedeadpeople – Unlock all maps (no fog).
iseepandshiny – Upgrade buildings and troops instantly (Lvl 1).
allyourbasearebelongtous – instant win.
somebodysetusupthebomb – lose instantly.
strengthandhonor – Can’t lose by Match.
itvexesme – Cannot win in Match.
thereisnospoon – Unlimited hero mana.
thedudeabides – Disappeared Cooldown Skill (not cooldown).
riseandshine – changed to morning.
lightout – turns into night.
synergy – Disable tech tree.

The final word

The Warcraft game is an old and popular game with Ice Frog and Blizzard and is a legend in the gaming world of its time.

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Don’t lose playing the Warcraft game because it takes time and strategy if you want to win this game.

That’s all our discussion in our article this time about how to cheat warcraft 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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