How to Check AnterAja 2022 Receipts

How to Check AnterAja Receipts

How to Check AnterAja Receipts – PT Tri Adi Bersama or known as AnterAja is one of the largest shipping companies in Indonesia.

AnterAja is a technology-based delivery service provider, providing a wide range of goods and document delivery services.

How to check Anteraja receipts can also be done via online, the development of this delivery service company is very fast, the network has spread in various regions in Indonesia.

Check Anteraja receipts using a browser device or with the Anteraja application which can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone. Besides being able to check Anteraja receipts, AntarAja’s expedition services include JNE, J&T, SiCepat, Pos Indonesia, Tiki, Wahana, and so on.

Discussion on How to Check AnterAja Receipts

AnterAja company has a courier agent, the goal is not to reduce expenses so that it can provide more affordable service prices for its customers.

In terms of delivery, you can directly order goods through the application, then your goods will be directly picked up by kurur AntarAja.

There are several delivery services carried out through AntaAja, such as:

  • Regular, Anteraja delivery service that has very affordable rates with quality that is maintained, shipping rates start from Rp. 5000 within 1-2 working days of delivery.
  • Next Day, delivery time is 1 working day and rates start from Rp. 8000.
  • Same Day, the fastest delivery service, which is a maximum of 8 hours so that the shipment can be received on the same day with shipping rates starting from Rp. 13,500.

You can also check Anteraja package receipts from Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, or Blilbi easily now.

Every AntarAja delivery item on a regular basis, next day, or the same day will be sent by the AntarAja courier to your destination address as the recipient of your package.

Anteraja loyal customers can track receipts through the website

How to Check AnterAja Receipts Via Regular and Browser

Here’s how to check Anteraja receipts:

  • Enter the receipt number or code listed on the proof of delivery receipt.
  • Copy and paste the code into the search box.
  • Click ‘Check Receipt’
  • Then wait a few moments, the results or package information will be displayed in detail.

As for how to check AnterAja receipts with a browser, as follows:

  • Open the page
  • Enter the package receipt number, fill in the captcha code in the form of a combination of numbers and letters
  • Click the Track button. You can also check or contact Anteraja’s customer service, including Anteraja’s receipt check information.
Customers can contact customer service, which is available Monday – Sunday at 08.00 – 20.00 at the hotline 021-50603333 and email [email protected]

AnterAja receipt number consists of numbers, for example 10001509494866, 10001514015300, 10001518548545.

The final word

That’s what you need to know about how to quickly check AntarAja receipts.

Layana AntarAja has several types of delivery services and there are differences in the delivery time of goods included in the shipping cost.

For more practical use of this service, you should use the AntarAja application.

That’s the whole discussion of our article this time about how to check AnterAja receipts 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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