How to Check AXIS Points & How to Redeem AXIS 2022 Points

Not to be outdone by other operators, now Axis as one of the cellular operators in Indonesia which recently also issued their newest promo, namely Axis Fortune points.

Through this promo, we, Axis, will give prizes to customers in the form of points for every top up with a certain nominal.

These points can later be exchanged for various attractive prizes such as the latest smartphones, modems, telephone bonuses, SMS bonuses, and unlimited Internet bonuses.

However, this Axis fortune point promo can only be enjoyed by Axis customers, namely customers with economical Ngenet, economical chatting, and economical long-lasting.

Axis provides a different number of points for each nominal top up, the bigger the amount you top up, the bigger the points that will be given. For the full nominal, see the following review.

  • Top up of IDR 50,000 – 10 points.
  • Top up Rp.75,000 – 15 points.
  • Top up of IDR 100,000 – 20 points.
  • Top up Rp.150.000 – 30 points.
  • Top up Rp.200,000 – 40 points.
  • Top up Rp.300,000 – 60 points.

If you feel that you have enough points, then immediately exchange points because the Axis Fortune points promo has a validity period of only one year, starting from the time the customer gets the bonus points.

If you do not exchange these points for one year, then these points cannot be exchanged again. Before you exchange points, you should first check the number of points you get so that you can choose a prize according to the number of points that have been collected.

However, there are still many Axis customers who are still wondering how to check Axis points. Is it difficult?

The way to see Axis points is not too difficult, the same way as checking credit. For those of you who don’t know how to check Axis points, you can listen to the following review.

How to Check Axis Points

1. How to Check Axis Points via Dial Up

How to Check Axis Points
How to Check Axis Points Via Dial Up

Here’s how to check Axis points via dial up:

  • Just press *123# after that press the call button.
  • Then several menus will appear.
  • Type 7 then select Send.
  • Finally, type 1 then select Send.

Wait a few moments, until you get information about the number of your points and the validity period of your points.

2. How to Check Axis Points with the Application

Of course, what many people use is the way to find out Axis points by using the official application, namely AXISNET.

Here’s how to check Axis points with the application:

  • Download and install the AXISNET application via the following link (Download the AxisNet Application).
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • Create or register an account that is connected with your Axis Mobile number.
  • Continue to click the login button.
  • Find information on your remaining Axis point count on the application home page.

Very easy isn’t it. By continuing to top up, the greater the chance for you to get the prize.

After knowing how many points you have collected, you can immediately exchange them in the following way:

3. How to Redeem Axis Points with the Axisnet Application

How to Check Axis Points
How to Redeem Axis Points

Here’s how to redeem AXIS points via the app:

  • Open and run the AXISNET application (Download the AxisNet Application).
  • Search and select the redemption menu
  • Select the nominal points that you want to exchange.
  • Then exchange your points, then choose the prize.
  • Then exchange.

Wait for the notification from Axis, then your coins have been successfully exchanged.

4. How to Exchange Axis Points via Dial Up

By exchanging Axis points via Dial up, you can also exchange Axis points.

The method is the same as above, by pressing the *123# key and then calling.

Then select the point redemption menu and exchange your points for the prizes you have.

The final word

By knowing how to exchange points above, you can also exchange points according to the prizes you need.

The steps for the exchange itself, are very easy to do and certainly do not take a long time.

You can adjust the number of points you have with some existing prizes, as an Axis user you must also know if the number of Axis points cannot be added to credit.

Thus our explanation of the article how to check Axis points & how to increase Axis points 2022. Hopefully it can be understood and thank you.