How to Check Lion Parcel Receipt 2022

How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts

How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts – Lion parcel is a service from lion air that serves the delivery of packages and goods at economical prices and fast delivery times, previously Lion Parcel was named Lion Express.

To reach all corners of the region in Indonesia, together with Lion Parcel, you can send goods to all corners of Indonesia, because Lion Parcel is supported by the Lion Air fleet.

Lion Parcel has several types of delivery services such as fast delivery tomorrow (Onepack), 2-3 days delivery time (Regpack), and parcel shipments by land (Landpack).

These services have different services, namely in terms of shipping costs and speed of delivery time, so you can consider which service you want to choose.

Packages are delivered by airlines, but don’t worry! because the package sent will be sent to your destination address like other services (JNE, Sicepat, Tiki). You can also check the package where your shipment is using the receipt number.

Discussion on How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts

Lion parcel services are most often used to send goods or packages in large quantities.

The price is indeed cheaper than you send using post, jne, tiki and others.

The delivery process outside the city is also faster because Lion Parcel serves the delivery of any goods, even large ones, such as motorcycles, electronic goods and others.

At this time, many people believe in using their services, because they are cheap and the delivery process is fast.

Real time shipping tracking, allows the sender and recipient to easily track the status of your parcel shipment, from input to the system to the address of the recipient of the package.

So, please follow how to check the Lion Parcel receipt in the description below.

How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts

How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts
How to Check Lion Parcel Receipts
You only need to enter the receipt number that you get via SMS in the Shipment Tracking input field.

Later, a description of the package delivery will immediately appear, from the description of the city of origin of the shipment, the address to which the package was sent, the type of service used, and information on package delivery.

A clear description of all shipments will be written, for example, the goods have been sent, the goods are received at the destination city, the goods are sent to the recipient’s address and others. So you know where the goods are.

If there is a problem, you can also ask directly to Lion Parcel customer service.

There is a call center and email address that you can contact when you open the website, there will be an online chat that will help you.

Lion Parcel Delivery Tracking

At Lion Parcel you can also monitor the delivery of your package, from delivery to destination with the live tracking feature.

If you want to track the package you sent or the package sent to you.

You can also check the receipt number through the official Lion Parcel website, namely, but you must first prepare the receipt number listed on the delivery receipt.

Usually the Lion Parcel receipt number is located at the bottom of the barcode, and the Lion Parcel receipt number is a number.

Currently, Lion Parcel also has package delivery couriers, including Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, and other online services.

How to check a Lion Parcel receipt consists of a combination of numbers and letters, for example 11-21-1202296, 11-21-1056792.

The results of tracking the receipt number are as follows:

02/13/2022 10:39
Package has been received by (DESSY (YBS), Ternate

02/13/2022 10:37
The package will be sent by ( Maklon Kawuri ), Ternate

02/13/2022 10:37
The package has arrived at (destination consolidator), Ternate

07/02/2022 03:58
The package has been processed by E-Cargo

06/02/2022 22:37
The package has arrived at (original consolidator), Jakarta

06/02/2022 20:57
The package has been processed by (POS PRINTING NEIGHBORHOOD), Jakarta.

Packages sent with Lion Parcel have the advantage of having a destination address that is not too far from the airport because package delivery uses the Lion Group flight network so that it is faster in every delivery.

The final word

For those of you who are still confused about how to check receipts from Lion Parcel, we have given the method in the description above.

Lion Parcel has several types of delivery services and differences in each service both in terms of cost and delivery time.

Usually, packages sent via Lion Parcel arrive at their destination faster.

That’s the whole discussion of our article this time about how to check Lion Parcel receipt 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.