How to Check Quota By.u It’s Easy Just Try It

How to check By.u quota — This time the Trick Area will explain to you all about it. Therefore, all of you By.u users should be with us in order to get a clear guide for it all. This is because it is related By.u is a new provider, so not many users understand how to check by.u quota.

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Although relatively new, in fact By.u is the choice for most Indonesians. This is because the quota offer is abundant at a very cheap price. Even more than that, By.u is a versatile provider, for example, it can also be used for tethering almost one village.

Now the problem arises when the By.u quota runs out, there are still many people who don’t know how to check the By.u quota that has been exhausted. Therefore, please just follow this explanation to the end so that you don’t make a wrong step.

How to Check By.u Quota If It’s Out

Provider by.U has many advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss the drawbacks first, which is to check various transactions, for example checking by.U quota and others, you must use the By.u application installed on your respective cellphone. When compared to other providers, this is a little less comfortable because others can use dial or SMS mode to check credit and data.

How to Check Quota By.u
How to Check Quota By.u

The advantage of By.u is that you can buy a By.u starter pack without having to leave the house. This is because the By.u card will be sent to your home by buying it online. In fact, there are many other advantages to using a By.u card provider. You can explore it yourself.

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Talking about how to check By.u quota, here the Trick Area will discuss how to do it. So, instead of getting curious, just take a look at our explanation of the By.U quota check tutorial below.

How to Check Quota By.U Easy

To check the By.U quota, you can follow our explanation below.

  • Please download and install the By.u application
  • Then you just open the app.
  • On the main page of the By.u application, you can find information about credit, remaining data (internet) quota, remaining call (calling) quota, and remaining (additional) Topping quota.
  • On page Usage Details There are 3 menus, namely data which is useful for finding out the remaining quota and the amount of internet data usage, Telfon which is used to find out the remaining quota and the amount of phone call usage, and Topping which is useful for knowing the remaining quota and the amount of internet quota usage. Topping.

So that’s what you can use to check your By.u quota. Therefore, all you have to do is install the By.u application so you can do everything easily.


That’s it for our discussion on how to check By.u quota. Hopefully useful for all of you. What is clear you have to follow the explanation above slowly.