How to Check Sicepat’s Receipt 2022

How to Check Sicepat's Receipt

How to Check Sicepat’s Receipt – There are so many choices of freight forwarding services that offer benefits to consumers because you can also choose the best shipping service or according to your needs.

SiCepat has various types of service package options such as SiCepat cargo, Halu, Regular, Best, Untung and others.

Among the many SiCepat services, there are several popular ones such as SiCepat Cargo Kilat or GOKIL, SiCepat Halu, and SiCepat Halu Regular.

The SiCepat Untung service offers you a normal rate that is competitive with the normal rates from other service companies and the delivery time is also adjusted to the speed of the vehicle in general.

SiCepat Halu stands for “Prices Starting at Five Thousand”, the price given to deliver the package is very cheap, which is adjusted to its name, Rp. 5,000.

Although the price is cheaper, of course SiCepat Halu has terms and conditions that apply.

while SiCepat cargo Kilat or GOKIL provides delivery services in large quantities and in larger sizes.

Discussion on How to Check SiFast Receipts

Receipt is a proof in the delivery of goods, the form can be in the form of a sheet of paper containing information about the delivery, the recipient of the goods from the delivery service.

In the receipt there is a number, the owner of the receipt number can track or check the goods in the delivery process.

SiCepat is one of the leading shipping services in Indonesia, a freight forwarder, able to compete with large companies with similar fields such as TIKI, JNE, JNT and others.

How to check SiFast receipts can be done in several ways that you need to know and you need to try.

How to Check Sicepat’s Receipt

1. How to Check SiFast Receipts through the Official website

How to Check SiFast Receipts Through the Website
How to Check SiFast Receipts Through the Website

Every shipping service company certainly has a receipt checking feature on their respective company sites, this method aims for customers to check easily such as checking postage, checking receipt numbers or available products.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts via the website:

  • Prepare your receipt number
  • Go to site
  • Enter one or more receipt numbers at once in the “No receipt” column
  • Enter one by one receipt if you have more than one receipt
  • Press the + button if the tone has more than three receipt numbers, enter the receipt number again
  • Finished.

Of course, SiCepat check receipt is one of the official sites that can track your shipment more precisely. .

If you can’t find a way to check SiCepat receipts, you can directly contact the SiCepat call center or you can also come directly to the nearest shipping agent.

2. How to Check Sicepat’s Receipts Directly at the Head Office, Branches or Sicepat Agents

You must be confused if your internet data package runs out when you need to check SiCepat receipts.

The only thing that needs to be done is to come directly to the office directly to check the receipt number.

This one method is certainly a better way because you come directly to the official office.

Here’s How to Check Sicepat’s Receipts by going directly to the office:

  • You come directly to the nearest SiCepat agent
  • Tell the clerk that you will track the shipment
  • Next, the officer will ask for a receipt number and you will provide the Sicepat Halu receipt number or other products you use
  • Wait for the officer to check until the officer conveys information about the whereabouts of your package and where it has arrived
  • Finished

3. Check SiCepat Online Receipts at

You can also check SiCepat receipts on other sites such as, apart from the official website, besides SiCepat, you can also check receipts for JNT, Anteraja, ID Express, TIKI, and so on.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts online through secrets:

  • Open the website
  • Enter the SiCepat Receipt number of the goods sent in the receipt column available on the site, click ‘Check Receipt’ at the bottom of the column
  • Choose a delivery service, if you use SiCepat, click on the delivery service
  • Then wait until the site displays the status of your package, starting from the existence of the package, when the package arrived at the package shelter, and so on. Or just try checking the Express ID receipt, besides of course also SiCepat.

4. How to Check SiCepat Receipts Through the Postage Plugin Website

If something is still lacking with the SiCepat site, you can check receipts, you can also try via the Postage Plugin website which has complete features for you to check receipts.

Here’s how to check Sicepat receipts via a plugin:

  • Open the website
  • Select SiFast Expedition on the “Select Courier” menu
  • In the “Receipt Number” column, enter your SiFast Receipt Number
  • Select the “Track” button
  • Finished

The advantage of using the Postage Plugin site service is that you can check international receipts, TIKI, and so on.

5. How to Check SiCepat Receipts on the Website

You can also rely on the site to check SiCepat Halu receipts, regular and others. You can even check JNE, J&T, Sicepat, Pos Indonesia, Ninja, Tiki and Wahana services.

The steps for checking Sicepat receipts using the website are as follows:

  • Open the website
  • On the “courier” menu, select the SIFast expedition
  • Fill in your SiFast Receipt Number in the “Receipt Number” column
  • Select Track button
  • Finished is a simple website creation service, just drag and drop, there is also a TIKI receipt check feature and other shipping services that you can try.

6. How to Check SiCepat Receipts through the Resinesia Tracking Site and Shipping Rates

Resinesia is a package tracking site and check shipping rates for various expedition services in Indonesia.

So besides being able to check shipping, you can also find out the price of shipping goods from various shipping services.

Here’s how to check regular and other SiCepat receipts on the Resinesia site:

  • Go to site
  • Enter your SiCpat Receipt Number in the “Receipt Number” column
  • On the “Select Courier” menu, select SiCepat expedition
  • Select “Check Receipt”
  • Finished

The Resinesia site supports checking receipt numbers for more than 10+ domestic expeditions.

7. Check SiCepat receipts on the site is an all-in-one receipt checking site that supports tracking receipts for more than tens of expeditions both from within and from abroad.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts on the Parcelsapp site:

  • Go to site
  • Enter the SiCpat receipt number in the column correctly
  • Click the icon next to the search field
  • Wait until this website shows the status of your package
  • Finished

8. How to Check SiCepat Express Receipts at Karinov

Karinov is a site that provides website services and SEO optimization that also provides a SiCepat receipt check feature and other delivery services.

Karinov only provides SiCepat Express receipt check search and is not included in other products.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts at Karinov:

  • Go to site
  • Select the shipping company you use in the “Courier” box and select SiCepat Express
  • Enter the SiCepat receipt number in the column below
  • You can click the black “TRACK PACKAGE” icon
  • Wait until the Karinov site shows the status of your package
  • Finished

9. How to Check SiCepat Receipts via the App Receipt Check Page

The SiCepat Halu receipt check site or other products can be accessed through the site, this site also provides receipt check facilities for 25 other shipping companies.

Some of them are Ninja Xpress, JNE, JNT/J&T Express, SICEPAT, POS Indonesia, TIKI, AnterAja, Shopee Xpress, etc.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts through the app receipt check:

10. How to Check SiCepat Receipts Through the Site

Via from various domestic and foreign courier companies, such as RPX, PCP, SiCepat, JNE, TIKI, POS Indonesia, Wahana, JNT, JNE and others.

Here’s how to check SiCepat receipts via the RajaResi site:

  • Go to site
  • Enter the receipt number in the “Receipt number…” text box
  • On the right side of the box, select the fast SIC courier
  • Click the “Check Receipt” button

Delivery information and delivery status will appear at the bottom of the web page.

11. How to Check SiCepat Express Receipts at

The website can check SiCepat Express receipts along with other shipping companies such as JNE, JNT, TIKI and others.

Here’s how to check SiCepat Express receipts:

  • Go to site
  • This site will display a column with the text “enter receipt number”
  • Click “check/search”, press enter.

12. Check receipts and track the status of SiCepat Package Delivery on Each e-Commerce Platform Especially for Online Shopping.

Not only in writing sites, applications, or by coming to the SiCepat office, and checking will be easier for you to do.

At the same time, you can also shop in the marketplace or in e-commerce online, because each has features that are always updated at the same time in terms of information about checking receipt numbers in the delivery of the goods you ordered.
With the policies of each platform, they have different tracking views, be it the Tokopedia, Shopee, Shopping and other platforms.
You can also find the receipt number to the status of your shipment in detail or in detail in the application.

As for what you need to know from the list of SiCepat products after knowing the receipt check, among others:

  • SIUNTUNG: fast and cheap delivery service at regular prices, and delivery throughout Indonesia.
  • BEST: Fast delivery, 1 day delivery time to big cities in Indonesia
  • GOKIL (Cargo Express): Delivery service for goods in large quantities and also in larger sizes, a minimum charge of 10 kg at a more economical price, delivery time of 1 to 3 days to all major cities in Indonesia
  • HALU (Prices Start at Five Thousand): SiCepat delivery service with postage rates starting from Rp. 5,000 at E-Commerc with delivery time of 1 to 3 days to all cities in Indonesia
  • COD: Every online shopping in the marketplace, payment transactions can be made through cash when you receive your goods in all cities in Indonesia, the maximum delivery time is 8 hours for delivery for the city of Jabodetabek.
  • SICEPAT SYARIAH: For every shipping discount received, 2.5% can be donated to literacy schools and Islamic boarding schools in the Cilacap and Lombok areas in collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa
  • H3LO (Heboh 3 Kilo): a service with more efficient and affordable shipping costs. You can only pay 2 kg for a 3.3 kg shipment and it is only valid in Social Commerce, drop packages at outlets or PUDO, and with a delivery time of 1 to 3 days.
  • SICEPAT GO!: International parcel service all over the world and currently available for delivery to Asia and Australia
  • FAST CLICK: This SiCepat service uses WhatsApp Bot technology and how to access it simply by typing “SICEPAT” and sending it to WhatsApp 0813-1920-0030 or by going to the web page

The final word

By knowing how to check SiCepat receipts, you can try it when you are going to track your shipments easily.

You can also try one of several alternatives or a selection of methods that we have provided in the description above.

Besides being able to check the receipt number online, you can also come directly to the agent’s office.

That’s the whole discussion of our article this time about how to check SiCepat receipts 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.