How to Check TIKI 2022 receipts

How to Check TIKI Receipts
TIKI services are still operating smoothly, especially with today’s increasingly widespread online buying and selling, which is not common anymore.

TIKI provides various types of delivery services, INT (International) International Service, delivery services between countries.

SDS (Same Day Service) goods are sent and arrive on the same day (24 hours), the price of this service is the most expensive among others, because the weight is calculated starting from 10KG.

ONS (One Night Service) goods arrive in 1 day 1 night (24 hours), the price is not too expensive, even ONS and Regular are not too far apart in price comparison.

REG (Regular Service) is a standard service, not too long and not too fast, the price is slightly cheaper than ONS.

ECO (Economy Service) is the cheapest service compared to other types of services, but the estimated delivery time is longer than others.

And at this time TIKI also has delivery services available at Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak and even Lazada.

So, please see how to check TIKI receipts in the description below.

How to Check TIKI Receipts

How to check TIKI receipts, there are several things you need to know about the statuses that are informed on the tracking page, therefore we will tell you the meaning of the TIKI delivery status, namely:

  • Shipment Data Entry, delivery of packages by TIKI means that the data has been recorded at the nearest TIKI agent/representative.
  • Arrive at TIKI, meaning that the package has arrived at the TIKI branch in the city of origin or city of destination, or it could be in the city of transit.
  • Departed to, the package has departed from the branch in the city of origin of the sender to the city of destination for delivery of goods.
  • If the TIKI tracking results say the package is “With Delivery Courier” it means that that day the package is being delivered to the recipient’s destination address.

To check TIKI receipts, all you have to do is enter the TIKI receipt number in the search field.

One example of a TIKI receipt consists of a row of 12 digits such as 660022496450, 660021598832.

If the tracking number is tracked, the result is as below:

02-23-2022 18:47

With Delivery Courier
02-23-2022 15:05

Arrived at TIKI BEKASI
02-23-2022 14:41

Departed to BEKASI
02-22-2022 14:41

chess lean [YOGYAKARTA]
02-22-2022 13:04

Shipment Data Entry at YOGYAKARTA
02-22-2022 09:59

How to Check TIKI Receipts Online

How to Check TIKI Receipts Online

Here’s how to check TIKI receipts online:

  • Open the TIKI Online site via the following link
  • Look for the receipt number (Consignment note / No Barcode) on the proof of package delivery sheet.
  • Enter the receipt number in the delivery status search box
  • Click the “Check Receipt” button on the right
  • The address of the package or item sent will be displayed under the search box
  • Please try again by entering another receipt number for tracking other packages.

TIKI service users can also track receipts from the official TIKI website, namely online.

The method is very easy, you just enter the receipt number and click the search button.

You can also check TIKI receipts through the Android or iOS application by downloading and installing the application then enter the receipt number you want to check.

The final word

That’s the way to check TIKI receipts that you can know.

TIKI also provides various types of delivery services, depending on which type of service you want to use.

By downloading the TIKI application on your cellphone, you can check your delivery receipt anywhere.

That’s the whole discussion of our article this time about how to check TIKI receipt 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.