How to Create a Landing Page for a Zoom Event

how to make a landing page for zoom event

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a landing page for a Zoom event with the help of a site called Stream. Stream is a simple and very useful website for hosting virtual events on Zoom. Here you can create a custom landing page where you can host your event.

You can create and host free events or monetize them easily. The best part is that it uses Zoom for events and you can host whatever you want. You can host multiple interviews, sessions or just a vlog. Events can be scheduled and will generate a permanent link to the event that you can share.

It’s more complicated if you want to host events on Zoom manually. First, you have to find a medium to announce your event, next take care of the ticket or entry fee, and then confirm the ticket. But with Stream, you don’t need to do that. The Stream site takes care of everything for you.

You just need to create a landing page with exact details and post an intro message or video for people. If you want, you can also host free events too. You can create 3 events for now and the length of the event should not be more than 2 hours.

How to Create a Landing Page for a Zoom Event

To create a landing page for an event on Zoom, visit the Stream site from here. Next, you can create a landing page. Specify your page name, adjust the URL, and write a few things about your event there. Record a short video in the browser to display a short intro. After specifying all these, you just save it.

how to make a landing page for zoom-1 event

Once you have created the event, it is time to schedule the video. For that, you need to go a step further and create your stream. Specify scheduling times along with the option to create free or paid streams. You can set any amount you want and you will be paid weekly.

how to make a landing page for zoom-2 event

Now, you can save it and then the video stream will be scheduled. You can get the link and then share it with your friends in family or on social media. The preview stream looks like this.

how to make a landing page for a zoom-3 event

This way, you can easily create a landing page for a Zoom event with payment collection. The process is very simple and you just need to create a Steam account to get started. Zoom takes care of the video part, so you don’t worry about the video parameters. You just create a landing page, create an event, and specify the host details, and just publish it.

Stream provides a great opportunity to create and host virtual events online. If you are a creator, get a Stream account and then start hosting virtual events with Zoom. It’s simple and fun. The best thing is that you can make money from your content. However, there will be transaction fees during payment.