How to Create a Poll in Zoom Meeting

how to make a poll in zoom meeting

In this article I will share how to create a poll in Zoom Meeting. A poll or poll is a quick way to get very precise feedback on anything. Polls limit answer choices for respondents who tend to be too verbose when answering questions and can be interpreted quickly and accurately.

Zoom Meeting allows its users to create polls in meetings. There are some condition to create a poll in Zoom Meeting. Firstyou (the host) must be licensed usermeaning if you are a basic or free user, you cannot create a poll. Secondyou can only create polls for scheduled meetings or for instant meetings where you use Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

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For security reasons, I recommend only using your PMI for private gatherings, such as gatherings with friends and family members.

How to Activate Polling in Zoom Meeting

Before you can create a poll on Zoom, you have to enable the polling option first. Here’s how to enable polling options in Zoom:

  1. In your web browser, go to Zoom and select “Account Settings” under “Account Management“in the group”Admin” in the left pane.

  2. You will now be in the tab “Meeting“.Scroll down until you find the option.”poll” in almost half of the screen. Toggle the slider to the right to enable polling.

Now that the Polling option is active, it’s time to create your poll.

How to Create a Poll in Zoom Meeting

  1. In the Zoom web portal, select the tab “Meetings” in the left pane.

  2. You can now schedule a new Zoom meeting, or select an already scheduled meeting from your meeting list.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will find a box with text that says you have not created any poll yet. Select “Add“.

  4. Window “Add A Poll” will appear. The first step is to give your poll a name and decide whether the answer will be anonymous or not. That is, when you view the results, you will only see that “Guest” answered the question, not the actual user.

  5. Next, type your question (within 255 characters), choose whether it will be a single or multiple choice answer, then type the available answers. You can have up to 10 answers for each question.

  6. You can add more questions to the poll by selecting “Add A Question” at the bottom of the window, and repeat the above process. Once you are done, select “Save“.

Now that you have created a poll, you can launch it during a Zoom meeting.

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Start a Poll During a Zoom Meeting

  1. Once the Zoom meeting starts, you are ready to launch the poll, select “Polls” at the bottom of the meeting window.

  2. Window “Polls” will appear. Review the questions and answers, then select “Launch Poll“.

  3. You will be able to see the poll results in real time. After everyone has voted, select “End Poll“.

  4. You will now see the poll results. You can share the poll results with participants or relaunch the poll.

If you want to go back and see the results later, select the meeting in the tab “Previous Meetings” in the web portal, select “Pol Report” next to options “Report type“, and generate the report. You can then see the result of the previous meeting.