How to Create a Poll on LinkedIn

how to create a poll on LinkedIn

This article explains how to create a poll on LinkedIn and generate more engaging posts on your LinkedIn Profile.

Surveys and polls on social media platforms are a new type of engagement posting that people are using in their profiles for better connection. While Twitter and Facebook have given us the ability to create polls, LinkedIn recently rolled out this feature along with other tools for creating polls that can be shared with connections.

Polls or polls are a great way to engage with social connections through social media platforms. Polling with LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to engage with professional connections and make decisions based on audience feedback. Let’s see how we can create a poll using my LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn has launched a new feature to create polls or polls as posts which opens up opportunities to connect with our professional network in a more engaging way. These polls are easy to create and get feedback from people from all walks of life.

To create a poll on LinkedIn, first of all you have to login to your LinkedIn account and then click on “Start posting“. When the post window opens, you will see an option.”create a poll” at the bottom of the pop-up window.

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When you click on this option, the next step is to type your poll question and provide options in the given fields. You can create more than two options in a poll, and the text of those options has a limit of 30 characters.

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Scroll down the window to see the option to limit the duration of your poll. You can choose from different time durations, from 1 day to 2 weeks. Select the duration of your poll and then click finish.

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The poll results that you create will be like below.

how to create a poll on LinkedIn-4

Furthermore, you can provide an explanation in the space provided for typing your message along with the poll. Before posting, select the audience for your poll. For this, you can click on the given tab just below your profile name. After selecting your audience, you can simply click on “Post“.

Once your poll is posted, it will look like this.

how to create a poll on LinkedIn-5

These polls will appear as posts on other people’s feed pages where people simply click on the option to provide feedback. It’s a simple and interactive way to engage with your chosen audience and get feedback on a specific topic.

Creating a poll with a LinkedIn profile is a simple way to engage with an audience on a specific topic and get feedback. This feature is the latest addition on LinkedIn and you can now engage more efficiently with your professional network with your LinkedIn profile.