How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp

how to make a poll on whatsapp

In this article we will discuss how to create a poll on WhatsApp without any additional application and of course you can share it with your friends or groups. Polls for WhatsApp is a free polling service that allows you to create a poll for WhatsApo. This service is specially created to provide simple and fast forms within WhatsApp. It is basically a web application where you can create a quick poll and then share it on WhatsApp.

The form can be used to collect feedback in WhatsApp groups. There is no need to login or download additional apps, either to create polls or to submit responses. People can vote within the app by simply tapping on the option of their choice. It is completely free to use and provides instant results.

To create a poll on WhatsApp, you just need to visit the site
Polls for WhatsApp. There you get predefined templates for polls. All you have to do is enter your data to create your own poll.

You just enter your question and add options for it. By default, it shows two fields for selection but you can add two more to four. You can also add your name on top if you like. After that, the polling time period provides validity. The form will no longer be available after the period of time you mentioned in the Poll length section.

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When you create a poll, this service gives you two options to share the poll. These options are:

  • Share poll along with choices: It contains the entire poll with links for each option.
  • Share only the poll link: It simply shares poll questions with a link to the poll.

You can copy-paste this yourself into a WhatsApp group or use the dedicated button to share it on WhatsApp.

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The screenshot above shows a preview of these two sharing options. When you share a poll, it includes a question along with options with a link for each option. People simply tap on the link of their choice to vote. Whereas when you share a poll link, it displays only the question and the link takes people to the poll page where they can view the poll and cast their vote.

The poll link also shows the poll results. It shows the percentage of votes each option got along with the total number of votes and the poll expiration time.

Red thread | Polls for WhatsApp offers simple polling functionality inside WhatsApp. If you share the full poll, people don’t need to leave WhatsApp and can vote easily from the chat screen. But voting is limited to one question and four options. In addition, there is no confidentiality, anyone with the link can see the poll results at any given time.