How to Create a Registration and Payment Form for Zoom

How to Make a Payment Form for Zoom Meeting

In this article, I discuss how to create a registration and payment form for Zoom Meetings. When you have a video meeting or virtual event on Zoom, there is no built-in Zoom feature for creating payment forms. A feature like this can be very useful for those of you who want to host paid classes, meetings, and collect entry fees for virtual events.

POWr is a web application that brings the functionality to create payment forms to Zoom. It is available on Zoom Marketplace where you can install it to your Zoom account and then configure it to create Zoom forms for payments.

You can customize the form for registration along with payment. Then you can publish the form on Zoom and share the form directly with your audience, and embed it on your website. Please note, you can only collect up to 25 signups/payments per month for free.

To create a registration or payment form for a Zoom meeting, install the POWr app to your Zoom account
from here. This link takes you to the Zoom Marketplace, login to your Zoom account, and installs the app. After that switch to pre-approved.

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On the POWr page of the Zoom Marketplace, go to the “Manage“application and click button”Configure” to set it up. This takes you to the POWr website. Create a free POWr account there and then verify your email to use that account.

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Once done, open the POWr dashboard which displays all the apps you created. Create a new application by clicking the button “Create New App” from the top right.

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This will open the POWr plugin library. The plugin you need for this task is called “Zoom Form“or if you don’t find it, you can also use it”Form builderEnter this name in the search bar at the top and click on that custom plugin. It creates a POWr app for that plugin and allows you to customize it in the form editor.

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The form editor shows a preview of the form on the right and all the tools on the left. In the editor, you can add new elements to the form to gather the required information. You can also use it to securely collect registrations.

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Apart from that, you can also customize the appearance of your form by changing the theme and various other content and style options. You can also define actions on form submission and configure submission behavior. For example, you can configure an autoresponder email for each registration where you can design a confirmation email.

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To enable payment on the form, go to the tab Payment in the editor and just enable the option “Require PaymentYou can also enable invoices via PayPal if you want.

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After enabling payment, you have to connect account for payment. You can use PayPal, Stripe and offline payments. After that, you can add the product details where you configure:
select payment type, currency and amount. After adding all the required information, click “Done” and then publish your form.

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Whenever you publish a form, it will show a popup with installation options. There are three options; You can get the HTML code to install the form in Zoom, copy the embed code to add it to your website. and get link to share it manually via social media etc. Apart from Zoom, you can also use POWr with Google Meets, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

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That’s how you can create a payment form for a Zoom Meeting. The process for setting up payments is fairly simple and offers some flexibility with forms.

The free plan is limited to 25 registrants per month. If you like it, you can expand it with a premium plan which opens up more possibilities with a form that includes an option to add a donation/payment button to your Zoom Meeting.

Ultimately, it makes it easy for people to hold paid events and collect fees for their meetings/classes safely along with registration.