How to Create a Retro Text Effect Online

how to make retro writing effect online

For fans of the 1980s, here’s what 7 online retro font generator websites which you can use for free. Among the fancy fonts, there are those who are still looking for retro fonts. Whether it’s for fashion, movies or texts, Retro has its own charm for people who love it even today.

In this article, I will present how to create a retro writing effect online with the help of 7 websites that provide text in retro style. It is very easy to generate retro fonts online, all you need to do is type or enter text in the font generator box (text field) and then you can generate the fonts.

The websites which I will mention below allow you to customize the fonts using their amazing features. You can make your font smaller or bigger, choose background for text, choose font color and so on.

How to Create a Retro Text Effect Online

Fonts generated by retro online font generators can also be downloaded. You can save fonts in image form with zip file or PNG/JPG file format. So, here are 7 online retro font generator websites that you can use to create retro writing effects:

1. PhotoFunia

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PhotoFunia is a free website that offers you an effect called Retro Wave. Using this effect, you can generate retro text with adorable background. It gives you a vaporwave effect image that looks like a party wall.

To get a retro font, firstly, you can choose a background. This site offers 5 backgrounds to showcase your retro fonts. Next, you can choose the type of text style. The final step you have to enter the text content. You can enter text with separate lines.

Once done, you can continue clicking the GO button. And, your retro font is ready. You can now download images in JPG format.

2. Meme Fonts

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Font Meme is another website that you can use as a retro font generator. On this website, you can generate text-based images with retro fonts.

Here, you can simply enter the text in the text field. You can choose a different font style from the dropdown. The site offers hundreds of fonts that you can choose from to create your retro text.

After that, you can define retro font size. For this, you can type in the font size. Apart from that, you can choose the effect and the color of the text. After that, you can create retro fonts and download images in PNG format.

3. Font Space

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Font Space is a free website that offers a wide variety of fonts. On this website, you can explore fonts from oldest styles to newest styles. There are trendy, decorative, foreign look, basic, etc. fonts.

If you browse for older font styles, there you will find Retro, Vintage, Blackletter, etc. From here, you can choose a retro font style. Now you enter your text content in the text field. You can change the font size using the slider. If you want to change the text color then you can do that too.

This site offers fonts for personal and commercial use. You can use filters to display fonts as per your choice; personal, commercial or free fonts. You can preview the font and then download it to use.

4. Dafont

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Dafont is an online retro font generator. Using this website, you can create fonts with different styles. When you visit a website, it shows a list of font categories. You can try out the font and see a preview under it.

This list has fonts like Retro, Western, Horror, Typewriter, Russian, Square, Modern, Handwritten, and many more. You can select Retro style from here and then add text content.

The site also lets you enlarge the font, choose a color for the text, etc. You can sort fonts by popularity or latest fonts in retro style. Or, use a filter to show only 100% free fonts. After previewing the font, you can download the font.

5. UrbanFonts

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UrbanFonts is a free website for generating a variety of fonts. When you open a website, it shows a table containing different font styles. You can create 3D, Gothic, Decorative, Dotted, Funky, etc. font types.

To generate a font in retro style, you can enter text to display the font type underneath. Then, you can select the text to download. There are other filters that make your browsing easy. You can see fonts like fit width, show artistic retro fonts or reversed backgrounds. Then, you can download the fonts in a zip file.

6. Font2U

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Font2U can also be used to generate retro fonts online. This site offers you to different categories like basic, bitmap, fancy, gothic, foreign, holiday, script, etc.

Each category has a number of font styles that you can use. To get a retro font, you can choose a retro font style. Then, you can enter text and adjust settings like text size. Apart from that, you can choose a character map and special glyphs. You can preview under it and then download the font to use. It also mentions each font if the font is free to use or for personal use.

7. Flaming Text

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Flaming Text is a retro online font generator. This is a free website where you can create logo and text with neon lights. Image-based retro fonts look quite attractive with this online font generator.

To create a retro font, you can type your text first. Then, you can define the text size. You can use the slider to adjust the font size. Below that, you will see a dropdown to see the font type. There are so many fonts available on the website like 3D, Celtic, Decorated, European, Script and others. At this point, you can select OldEnglish. In this particular category, you will get retro styled fonts. You can choose the color for the neon effect. Once your font is ready, you can download the image.

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For those of you who are fans of 80s culture, I am sure you will love the retro fonts produced by this website. Using online retro generator sites, you can easily generate fonts in retro style. Not only this, you can customize the font based on the size, color and download of the font on your computer. Some fonts are completely free whereas some fonts are for personal use only. You can check this before downloading the font.