How to Create Graphs in Excel 2022

How to Create Charts in Excel

How to Create Charts in Excel – Maybe you already know Microsoft Excel has various uses, including in making graphs.

But not infrequently some people are still confused, when they will be asked to do that, actually how to make graphs in Microsoft Excel is very easy, you know.

The reason is that you just have to follow the next instructions, so that it helps you in completing the work very easily.

But before doing it first, you must understand very well about graphs that graphs do not have one form.

What’s more, each chart has various types depending on how the data is entered, that’s why before knowing how to create a chart in Excel, see the following review.

How to Create Charts in Excel

1. How to Create a Graph in Excel and Its Types

How to Create Charts in Excel
How to Create Charts in Excel and Types

Here’s how to create a chart in Excel and its types:

  • Column is a graph in the form of a bar chart, in this case pointing up there is a division of its shape, namely categories along the horizontal axis and value (Value) along the vertical axis.
  • Bar is a graph in the form of a bar chart which points to the side and is used to illustrate comparisons between individual items, the article in a category bar graph is arranged along the vertical axis and values ​​are arranged along the horizontal axis.
  • Pie is a graph in the form of a pie chart (cake), in this case it shows the value of the data in the form of a percentage share.
  • Line is a graph with the form of a line, which displays data continuously over time on an axis that scales evenly. Where the graph is usually used to show trend data such as month, quarter or year.
  • Area is a graph that is used to analyze the flow of data changes from time to time, while the area section of the graph serves to show the relationship between parts of the whole.
  • Surfaces are graphs with 3D shapes and surfaces are useful, when you want to find the optimal combination between two data sets. Just like on a topographic map, colors and patterns indicate areas that fall within the same range of values.

2. How to Create a Graph in Excel

How to Create Charts in Excel
How to Create Charts in Excel

Here’s how to create a chart in Excel:

  • First of all, what you have to do is select the data you want to graph, in general you can choose which part of the table you want to graph. For example, if there is an entry for the first half year, if you want to enter all of your data, you just have to block everything. However, if you only want certain data, you can select the desired table and column.
  • Then you select the data you want, then you select the insert option in the menu bar at the top left where you will see icons and various types of charts. What if you want to see the type of chart clearly, you can choose Recommended Charts.
  • If you select Recommended Charts, there will appear a pop up page with several chart options if you want to see the complete chart. Where you will choose All Charts, because all types of charts will appear on Ms. Excel and even then you can choose. Not only that, you can also choose several kinds of shapes or styles from each type of graphic. As you can see, there are various styles of column types.
  • If you choose a suitable graph, because the graph will appear automatically in the worksheet, but so that the data table is not disturbed. You need to adjust the position and size where you have to hover over the graphic section, then you click and drag. Meanwhile, to change the size of the graph you can hover over the corner of the graph and drag it.
  • The last step, you can change the name or title of the graph by clicking on the text located at the top of the graph.

The final word

That’s the explanation that we have provided for you, where this information is very useful if you are confused about making graphs in Microsoft Excel.

But you must first understand the type, so you know the process of how to make graphs in Microsoft Excel.

Even the method is quite easy for you to use, because the method is quite easy to follow but you have to really follow the instructions to succeed.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to make a chart in excel. That’s all and good luck.

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