How to Create Invoices and Receipts Online

how to make invoices and receipts online

In this tutorial I will discuss How to Create Invoices and Receipts Online with the help of a free online invoice and receipt generator site. Invoicy is a free invoice generator website that allows you to send saved invoices as PDF, link, or email or print them directly if you have a printer nearby.

This is a very simple invoice generator that does not require registration. You can simply go to this website and start creating invoices. If you are a newbie or small business and cannot put a lot of money into paid invoicing software, then this is the ideal thing for you.

The navigation is quite simple and user friendly. You can also customize the invoice as per your wish. You can add your company logo, add discounts, change currency, change colors, etc.

How to Create Invoices and Receipts Online

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First of all open the Invoicy site [dari sini]. You will see an interface as shown in the screenshot above. You have two options on the screen, you can create a free invoice or create a free receipt. Since what I’m discussing is about invoices, then I clicked the button create a free invoice. This will open a screen as shown in the image below.

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On this screen you can start filling in the information about your company and your clients. Fill in the From and To fields fields. On the right side of the page you will see a place where you can drag and drop your company logo. You can also select a different invoice template using the drop down menu given below it.

Once filled in the sheet will look like the screenshot above. Now scroll to the bottom of the invoice where you have to fill in the description of the goods purchased, the rate of the goods, and the taxes charged to them.

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Enter these details and on the right you can see the currency options. You can easily change currency using this option. You can also add the discount provided on the invoice if any. After creating the invoice, you can preview it using the preview button given on the top right side of the page. If you like invoice layout, then you can save it, otherwise you can make further changes.

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After saving the invoice, you can open it and view it, as you can see in the screenshot above. The layout looks professional. You can print this invoice if you want. You will see several options at the top of the page, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

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These buttons let you send the invoice via email as an attachment, create a link to the invoice which you can share with your clients, convert the invoice to PDF format which can be downloaded or sent to the client easily, take a printout of the invoice, and then you have a button. editor which will let you edit the invoice.

In exactly the same way you can create receipts or receipts too. The receipt is done after you receive the payment for the invoice.

Invoicy is a pretty neat invoice generator. It is a simple and easy web application as far as functionality is concerned. You don’t need to login or create an account to create an invoice. You don’t need to download anything, nor do you need to save your customer information. All you need to do is hit the create invoice button and start entering data.

The generated invoices are very professional and can be sent to your customers in various ways. Overall, it’s free and a useful tool for small businesses or beginners.