How to Delete Kalahari Free Fire Map Quickly

Today, for some reason, many survivors want to know how to delete the Kalahari Free Fire map. Even though this Kalahari map has only come a few months to replace the position of the purgatory map. It’s just that maybe it’s not considered better, that’s why many want to delete the Kalahari map.

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If you look closely, this Kalahari map looks darker when compared to other maps. So not many FF players choose to play ranked mode. Compared to Bermuda, in the Kalahari, players have a hard time detecting where the enemy is. So many claims that the Kalahari map is very difficult to conquer.

Therefore, maybe for this reason many FF players want to know more clearly how to delete the kalahari map on Free Fire. And here, we will try to guide you in a fairly short explanation regarding this matter.

How to Delete the Kalahari Free Fire Map is Easy

We think that apart from the reasons above, there are many other reasons that underlie many survivors who want to know how to delete the Kalahari map in the Free Fire game. For example, maybe the data stored when there is a Kalahari map becomes too large. Therefore, deleting the kalahari map data can at least reduce the size.

How to Delete Kalahari Map
How to Delete Kalahari Map

If you feel that this is a problem. Then you now have the opportunity to delete the Kalahari folder on your FF. Deleting the Kalahari map in the Free Fire game does not mean you delete your FF account. You only have to delete the data so that it is not saved by your FF account.

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Here we tell you how to delete the Kalahari Free Fire map. Hopefully you can use this as a reference if you want to reduce the number of map ranks in Free Fire. It won’t be difficult as it only takes a few steps.

How to Delete the Kalahari Map

In order to delete the Kalahari map, here’s what survivors can do.

  • First you have to open Free Fire games.
  • Next, you can choose Settings.
  • Then in the Otheryou have to choose Show in settings Main Menu Entrance in the Download Center.
  • Then, you exit the settings first to the front page of your FF game.
  • Next you can press the Download Center button which is above the center of your screen area.
  • If a pop up menu appears, you just press the trash can button on Purgatory. This will remove Purgatory from your FF account.
  • Don’t forget to confirm your Purgatory deletion. So with this delete the Kalahari map has been successful.

By following each of the steps above, we are sure that you have succeeded in deleting your Kalahari Free Fire map. Please you try.

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That’s it for our explanation of how to delete the Kalahari map. Hopefully what we say is useful for you. If you have further questions, please comment below.