How to Delete Videos in Video Snack

How to Delete Videos in Video Snack

In this tutorial I will share how to delete videos in Snack Video. You must already know Snack Video is one of the most popular video content sharing applications today, even Snack Video currently occupies the top position as the most popular application on the play store, this means the Snack Video application has recently become the most downloaded application. .

This Snack Video application is intended to introduce funny videos that can entertain us users. You can also find the latest trending videos easily in the Snack Video application.

This is the reason for many people and even adults to download this application. Not only sharing videos, users can also use this application to find entertainment by watching funny videos.

You can also enliven the world of funny videos in the Snack Video application by participating in uploading funny videos. You can upload short videos with the theme of entertainment, games, pranks, comedy, or other types of entertaining videos.

How to Delete Videos in Video Snack

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Can we delete videos in Snack Video? The answer is Yes. We as users have access to delete videos. So, from the start, we have access to upload and delete videos on Snack Vidio at any time.

Whether it’s because of video content that turns out to be inappropriate for display, video content that is not good, or there are other reasons that you want to delete it. Therefore, if you judge that the video that you have posted on Snack Video is not appropriate, then you can delete the video that you have uploaded.

Here are the steps to delete a video in Video Snack:

  1. First of all open Snack Video app on your cellphone.
  2. After that press Account button which is in the lower right corner.
  3. In this step, you will be treated to and shown the videos that you have uploaded on Snack Video. Click video what you want wipe from Snack Videos.
  4. To delete the video, please tap Download button in the right corner, then press the button More.
  5. Then tap the button wipe to delete the video.
  6. If a notification appears “Are you sure you want to delete?”, tap the button wipe again.

We as users of Snack Video have the right to upload and delete videos. You can delete a video that you have uploaded on Snack Video if you feel that the video is no longer suitable for posting.

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That’s the tutorial on how to delete a video in Snack Video. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends too.