How to Duet on TikTok with the Easiest Voice

This time we will learn how to Duet on TikTok. Hopefully by reading our article on how to be able to duet with other users on the TikTok application, you will become more proficient in mastering this application. Indeed, this duet feature is very interesting to use, so let’s try to learn it.

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There have been many requests for how a duet can be made. It’s just that very few TikTok users know about this. Even though the duet feature has existed in the TikTok application for a long time. Therefore, now is the time for you to make a duet with a popular artist to make it even cooler.

So, let’s learn how to duet with sound on TikTok. Hopefully the video that you make is not all that. Let’s add variety so your followers will see something different. The point is, yes, so you don’t miss out on other users.

How to Duet on TikTok It’s Easy

To be able to make a duet video, you must first have a goal of what song you want to make as your duet later. When the song has been determined then you just look for it. If you have found it, you just have to do a few things so that a duet video can be made.

How to Duet on TikTok
How to Duet on TikTok

So, to be clear, you should read every step that we will provide. We have matched this method of duet on TikTok with the tutorial on YouTube, so we think we can be held accountable. If you are confused by what we explain, then you can check it directly on the YouTube channel as well.

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The explanation of how to make a TikTok duet video is something like the following. You choose your song first, so this is easy. When you have succeeded in getting the song, immediately check the steps below.

How to Duet TikTok 2022

So that you can make a duet video on TikTok, the method is more or less like the following.

  • open TikTok You.
  • Then from the search please search for the video TikTok duet.
  • When the results appear, select one of the videos that appear.
  • Then tap the song. After that you select the video you want, select Use This Voice under.
  • Now the video you want to duet with your video is open. Tap the icon Share like an arrow to the right and select Duet.
  • Now capture your own video. Record as usual by clicking the red record mark in the middle.
  • Once done, click Next. You will enter the edit caption section. You can edit the default or fill it manually.
  • When you’re done, click Post. Finished.

That way, you already understand how to duet in this popular application. Hopefully not confused.

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We think that’s enough about how to duet on the TikTok application. Hope you can do it. Don’t forget to comment if you are confused. As soon as possible we will help answer it for you.