How to Easily Create Zoom Meeting Links

Are you looking for a way to create a Zoom Meeting link? As a video conferencing tool, Zoom does offer many conveniences. To start a meeting on Zoom, the meeting host must be able to provide a meeting link to all participants. Therefore, on this occasion we will guide you in learning how to easily create a Zoom meeting link.

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Please note that without a Zoom meeting link or meeting code on Zoom, online meetings to be held on Zoom will be difficult. Therefore, as a Zoom meeting host, you must create a Zoom meeting link so that it can be accessed by participants as a way to join online meetings on Zoom.

If you don’t know for sure the procedure for creating a Zoom meeting link, then we will explain it to you all. Of course, the first requirement in creating a Zoom meeting link is that you are the host. Because only the meeting host has the opportunity to create the meeting link.

How to Create Zoom Meeting Links for Online Meetings

If you are currently a Zoom meeting host, then you can create a Zoom link for online meetings. So that way, when the meeting link is successfully created, you can invite every participant to join the online meeting with that link.

How to make a Zoom Meeting link
How to make a Zoom Meeting link

So if you don’t understand step by step about this procession, then stay with us so you can create a zoom meeting link for the online meeting.

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We have summarized the explanation in the main part of this article below. So please try it and immediately put it into practice so you can create a zoom meeting link easily.

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Link

To create a Zoom meeting link, the method is more or less as follows.

  • Please open your Zoom application.
  • Then select New Meeting > Start a New Meeting.
  • Now is the time for you to create your zoom meeting link by clicking Participants > Invite.
  • From the options that appear, please tap Copy URL.
  • Finally, you paste the copied url because it is your Zoom meeting link.

That way, you have successfully created your Zoom meeting link. Through the Zoom link that you have created, all Zoom participants will be able to join the event. Give clear instructions so that they understand what the link should do.


So first, this presentation is about how to create a Zoom Meeting link. Hopefully this explanation of the Zoom link is useful for you as the Zoom meeting host.