How to Easily Join Pre-Employment Webinar

This time the Tricks Area will explain to you all about how to take a Pre-Employment webinar. This is important to discuss because it has now reached wave 6 of Pre-Employment. Meanwhile, webinars are becoming mandatory for training participants Pre-employment who passed from wave 4 onwards. So of course there are many pre-employment participants who are starting to get confused about what a webinar is.

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Webinars are web seminars that will generally be filled by a presenter and many participants online. So maybe if the pre-employment participants have never known anything about the webinar, it is clear that the activity will be very disrupted. Whereas as a final requirement to complete all pre-employment tasks is a webinar session.

So what if you don’t take part in a pre-employment webinar? Yes, of course there will be a problem. This is because the government has indicated that all course providers in Pre-Employment must hold a webinar at the end of the activity. So if the pre-employment participants miss just one of these activities, it is certain that the certificate will not be obtained. In the end, you can’t get the 600 thousand pre-employment incentive.

How to Join Pre-Employment Webinar Easily

In order for you to be able to take part in this pre-employment webinar or web seminar, you must have purchased and started completing one of the pre-employment assignments that you have purchased. You can buy pre-employment training from several media such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Smartia and so on.

How to Join a Pre-Employment Webinar
How to Join a Pre-Employment Webinar

Then all you have to do is visit the training page on the pre-employment training provider site. You can even download the training partner application directly on the Playstore or Appstore. If you have downloaded then you just have to install it on your cellphone. Later you just enter the class you bought.

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You will find some lessons in your Pre-Employment account prior to the original Webinar stage. Here you have to complete it first, for example Pre Exam, Pre Video, Video, Core Video, Essay, Exam and finally you enter the Pre-Employment webinar section.

How to Take a Pre-Employment Webinar Very Easy

You should immediately go to the training partner’s pre-employment page. Make sure that the training before joining the webinar is all green ticked. So from there you will be very easy if everything is green.

We are here to show you all about how to take part in a pre-employment webinar at Skill Academy. Therefore, you must immediately log into your Pre-Employment account. After that, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Skill Academy > Choose your class.
  • You can click the webinar stage.
  • Then you will get the link and you can see the schedule.
  • You can choose any of the hours for the pre-employment webinars. If the quota is full then just wait for the next session.
  • Fill in the registration form provided by the system. You must make sure that your identity is the same as that of Pre-Employment and related institutions.
  • If you are successful in registering, the status on your webinar schedule will change from being in line to coming. There you can see the webinar schedule, just click start the Webinar (The button can be used 15 minutes before the pre-work webinar session starts).
  • Finally just tap start the webinar. This will take you to the zoom webinar. You don’t need to fill in your identity so you can definitely join the webinar.

With this explanation, we think that you will understand how to participate in pre-employment webinars.

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That’s what we can discuss. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you pre-employment training participants. We hope you can do it.