How to Enable Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone Home Screen

Enabling Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone Home Screen

In this guide, we will present how to activate Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone home screen (homescreen). Nowadays people are increasingly aware of their physical fitness. Naturally, we see a number of people making sure to exercise every day. This workout includes all kinds of sports activities like running, jogging, walking, etc. Now, how does a person know how many calories he or she burns when playing a particular sport or exercising? Remembering or calculating manually this is not possible. Thanks to modern technology, we have Android apps like Google Fit Activity Tracker.

Google Fit is a great app that helps in planning and logging various workouts and sports activities. You can use it on your smartphone and with any smart Android wearable device.

Some of us may feel the need to slightly open the Google Fit app every time we want to check our step count or other info. This happens when we regularly monitor its movement and need to check the counter every now and then. Obviously, it will take a few seconds while opening the app drawer and searching for the Google Fit app.

How to Enable Google Fit Activity Tracker on Smartphone Home Screen

So, is there a way to easily access movement or exercise-related data without having to open the app.? Of course there is, therefore in this article I discuss how to activate the Google Fit Activity Tracker on the Smartphone home screen (homescreen).

Some of you may worry that presenting your Google Fit data on your phone’s home screen is too difficult or requires special skills. That’s not the problem. The process is quite easy. we will use the Android widget to customize how and what information from Google Fit we want to have on our smartphone desktop.

Install Google Fit

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The first thing that you have to remember for this guide is that it is mandatory to use Google Fit on your phone. So, if you are not using the app, then you have to install it first. As usual, go to the Play Store to download the latest version of Google Fit or from the download button below.

If you already have the app on your smartphone, then you can skip the steps above.

Steps to Customize Google Fit Data

Now, let’s check out how to play around with Android widgets and extract Google Fit information.

1. Open your smartphone, then Open Home screen (homescreen).

2. Tap and long press on an empty part of the screen, after which a small menu will appear with options like Widgets, Wallpapers, and Home Settings. Tap on Widgets.

3. You will be redirected to section Widget customization. In this section, you will find options to customize the widgets for various apps that you have installed on your smartphone.
Scroll down and search Google Fit in the Widgets section.

4. You will see three options for Google Fit. That is Activity goals, multiple stats, and single Stats.

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From the above three parameters, as per your choice, tap on any of the options and drag it to an empty part of the home screen. For example, I initially chose Single Stat which is a step counter and dragged it to the home screen.

5. Now, when you drag any of the options, you will be presented with options regarding what data you want to see in that widget.

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6. This option is basically information regarding heart rate, movement, steps, calorie counter, etc. In this example, I only selected Steps, so my Single Stat widget will exclusively display the total number of steps.

Similarly, again if I want to put Multiple Stats from Google Fit Activity Tracker on my home screen, again I have to repeat the above steps. I dragged the Multiple Stats widget to the home screen.

7. Now, on my smartphone home screen I have a single data based Step Counter and multiple data based Step Counter, calorie and kilometer counter.

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So, that’s how you activate Google Fit Activity Tracker on your Smartphone’s home screen. I hope this article helped you! Also share with your friends if you find this article useful. Thank you.