How to Enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

how to enable Picture-in-Picture on iPhone

This article reviews how to enable Picture in Picture on iPhone. Picture in Picture is a feature that lets you play videos in the background. For example, let’s say you are watching a video in the YouTube app on your iPhone but at the same time a WA message comes in. With the Picture in Picture feature enabled, you can minimize the YouTube app.

When you do, the video keeps playing in a floating window on the screen. Then you can interact with the phone in the usual way and check incoming WA messages. The popup screen is draggable so that if it gets in the way of something, you can move it and resize it.

Previously, the Picture in Picture feature was already in the Android ecosystem. And on beta release iOS 14 is now also available for iPhone users. Picture in Picture on iPhone looks smoother and works almost as well, whether it’s YouTube, Apple TV, web pages, or other video streaming apps. Unlike Android, it offers multiple size options and you can also hide video playback and only listen to audio which is not possible on Android.

How to Enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

Before you start, please note that this Picture-in-Picture feature is only available on iOS 14. iOS 14 is currently in Beta phase with a stable release expected in September. So you can use this feature if you are running iOS 14 on your iPhone.

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Follow the steps below to enable Picture-in-Picture on iPhone:

1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Open General Settings.
3. In General Settings, Look for options Picture-in-Picture and tap on it.
4. Turn on the switch Start PiP Automatically on the next screen.

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Once enabled, whenever you minimize an app with video playback, it will automatically appear in a popup window. The window has playback controls along with options to resize and close the video in the top corner.

You can also slide the window sideways to hide the video and listen to audio only. You can bring the video back to the screen by touching the small arrow button on the side.

Red Thread | That’s how to enable Picture-in-Picture on iPhone. This is one of the most eagerly awaited and eagerly awaited features by iPhone users.